Sunday, January 14, 2018

Summer to NYE!

 Hosea licking the sliding glass door, of course!
 After a good, long day outside in the summer sun and dirt. This is how he was when we got home :) Aww, summer!
 Aww, my little boy!
 I love this picture Greta drew. Apparently at school they were learning about virtues.
 Playing superheros together. Greta can be a really fun and nurturing big sister! And Hosea really looks up to her.
 A summer afternoon at the beach!

 My friend Kristie and I went together one afternoon this summer...WITHOUT KIDS! It was so fun. The waves were huge and we did lots of mini body surfing while we talked about our love lives. As we do...!

 Oh Vancouver in the summer! Gorgeous!!!

 Of course, we took our kids to the beach too :-)

 With Gracie and Lucy. We found a good spot to hang out and the kids spent tons of time digging and running around and wading in the water. It felt like a holiday.

 I even bought them ice cream cones! Oh aren't they just so cute?

 My heart!

 This is a pretty cool outfit Greta was wearing. All black and purple.
 Playing with corn starch and water...super messy, but super fun!

 On the way to the park.

 At the neighbourhood park. So much tree climbing!

 Grandpa Harry died this summer. I'd had this piano a few years ago, it was Grandpa Harry and Grandma Hope's for a long, long time...but I couldn't keep it. We didn't have enough space. I put an ad for a free piano online. The person who ended up taking it was a student at Regent, just like Matthew, who we actually knew! She said if we ever wanted it back to let her know. I did a couple years ago, but she was still using it a lot, so I didn't want to take it from her. But this summer right around the time Grandpa died she contacted me, saying she was moving and asking if I wanted it back! YES! No home feels complete without a piano.
Now...we just need to do some more playing of it. Therese will take lessons this spring.
 A cousins reunion! The weekend of Grandpa's funeral Skyler, Shane, Scott, Breelyn, Jenny and I were all together again. It'd been probably 10 years. The dynamic was EXACTLY THE SAME. Hilarious.
 Matthew helped me get my apartment a little more secure feeling this summer. Hosea enjoyed watching him use the tools!

At the fair this summer. We went with Kristie and Lucy.
Umm...laundry. No thanks!

 The crowd at the outdoor movie in the neighbourhood this summer.
 On the way home from that movie...Hosea asleep in the wagon again!
 In the lobby of our building.
 An old friend sent up some new clothes for the kids this summer. Photo shoot! REALLY new clothes don't happen much around here. Lots of hand me downs, though! The kids have plenty.

 Greta drew this on the first day of school. Should I be worried??
 Therese loves playing in her bed before she goes to sleep at night. It's her special little private haven.

And below, Greta snuggling with her beloved "Mr. Giraffe"...she and Matthew's girlfriend, Megan, even made some clothes for him!
 Crazy little guy...
 Greta loves this book series: Dear Dumb Diary--the titles are hilarious!

 Aww...sleepy guy...he plays HARD!
This was at the new Science World playground at the end of the summer.
 Hosea in Matthew's building, wearing the costume he picked up for him for Halloween! Muscles and everything!

 Strange things I discover in the kids' bathroom...

 Greta loves her bed too, and takes extra care of the art gallery she has on the wall there. She changes it around on a regular basis.

 A typical scene here...

 First day of school pictures!!!
Grade 1...Hosea is gonna hang out with Gennifer...and Grade 3

 More rough-housing!

 Sometimes Therese gives herself really interesting hair-dos before she goes to bed.
 Therese made this decoration for in the kitchen. Kind of in honour of October Thanksgiving here.
 Hosea's decoration!
 Greta's ghost!
 Yeah, they had decorating fever :-)

 All of this was done based on their own ideas...I had NO INFLUENCE WHATSOEVER! They're so creative!

 Pictures of pies. On my bathroom door, of course.
 I karaoke a lot. I took this on the first night I decided to go by myself. It was a pretty fun night! This guy is a regular. He often sings Rolling Stones.
 The girls love to set their outfits out the night before school :-)

 Ready for picture day!

 Picture day!

 The girls chose their outfits and their hairstyles. Good taste!

 Greta wanted me to give her this kind of haircut where you leave the front strands long.
 But then the next day she asked me to change it :-) It suits her!
 Look at that style! Off to a birthday party!

On a walk. They dragged that big branch quite a long way!

 Some art by Therese, for her good friend Aven.

And, a little sign Greta made...I think it's hilarious so I hang it on my fridge :-)

 The rains returned!!!

 Walking home from school.
 At a Halloween festival. Greta is over her fear of dogs now...she loves animals!
 A worm pooping a diamond, apparently. Turn it sideways and it'll be more obvious (?)
Therese made this picture.
 Fall on our street.
 After a grocery shopping outing on foot. My favourite :-)

 And...Halloween!!! Greta and Hosea were sick Halloween night this year :-(
Someone is always sick on Halloween it seems!
 Halloween on our front door!

 I dyed my hair red and a student took this photo on a trip to the pumpkin patch a couple days later.

 At a concert downtown with Kristie, seeing Black Heart Procession at the Biltmore Cabaret. It was really fun! Spooky in there cause it was Halloween weekend.

 This was out with someone I was seeing for a bit, we had some nice outings together.
 Selfies for my you know, no one takes pictures of me around here! It'll be nice to remember what I used to look like someday :-)

 Another night I took myself to karaoke :-)
 Hosea is super into making his own sandwiches. But sometimes he insists on jamming the bread BEFORE putting it in the toaster! I'm trying to get him to reverse that order!

 This sandwich was extra decadent because he put honey on TOP too!
He usually doesn't even eat the whole thing...
And then 30 minutes later he's telling me he's hungry!!!

 I used this waver I got at the thrift store to do Therese's hair. It looks awesome this way!

 One day Hosea decided to bring a hub-cap home. Why not?
 Greta is super cooky.

 So much milk! So much eating!!!

 I always say Therese looks like she's ready for a Guns 'n Roses concert here.

 Greta and her friend Harper did a hot chocolate stand to raise money for charity this fall. All their own idea and initiative! They were proud to raise $30!
 These pajamas are crazy!
 A typical dinner time scene.

 Ready for an outing...
 After this bike ride to work I was totally soaked!! Had to go change clothes so I could go lecture. Invigorating!
 Aww the school pictures :-)
 Recently Hosea decided he wanted to sleep in his own bed, and go to bed same time as the girls. So now he naps a bit so he can stay up later. Here he is in his bed.
Every night he wakes up crying, though, and comes to sleep with me still :-)
 Two front teeth out just in time for the Christmas season!

 Decorating the tree.

 Apparently I love taking pictures of Hosea while he's sleeping. That's kinda the only time he holds still!
 Matching in our leather jackets and hats!

 Hosea is getting really into drawing. He draws a lot of vehicles and people.
 On my birthday weekend, with Kristie, ready to go out and sing!
 Yes, even Spiderman paints his nails.

 Matthew usually comes here on Thursday nights for a couple hours. It's nice.

 A ninja!
 Therese made this picture about me...and school.

 We got snow already! And...I'm done with it. Ready for spring!
 Outfits out and ready for day was the Christmas concert!
 Therese is in the front and centre there. I didn't get a picture of Greta's group (sorry Greta!)

 It was hard to get these photos...

 At Grandpa Dan and Grandma Linda's on Christmas Eve...Greta being crazy!
 Dear Santa, I hope you have a Merry Christmas and I am wondering how you know if we have been bad or good and how you fly around the world in just one night?
Best wishes,
 Bat-mobile Christmas morning! This is pretty much the only thing he asked for! He played with it every time we went to Shoppers in December...and Santa brought it :-)

 A beautiful snowy Christmas morning.

 With Grandpa Dan.
 These pogo sticks were a hit! I love using them too!

 My mom made the girls these cute jackets.
 And she made Hosea this blanket.

 Hosea loves Paw Patrol, so these pjs from Grandma Linda were a real hit!
 Ready to go to Aunt Debbie's house for Christmas evening. It was a long day!

 At Aunt Debbie's.

 Christmas night in the car. Doesn't look too comfortable!!!

Next day I went with Jenny to some vintage stores in Tacoma. This is one of my favourite kinds of rooms to be in!!!!!! Ahh, heaven!
 While I was out the girls made me TONS of earrings with Linda! Then I had to choose which ones to wear out to karaoke with Dad and Jenny! So I put two pair in :-)
 Hosea in his new gear.
 We visited Melissa, Ida and Poppy on the way home. I can't believe they all posed so easily for this picture!
 All the stuff we brought home! Oh I can't bear to look at it, makes me tired!!
 Getting my karaoke book ready...transferring over my notes so I can put all my 300 plus songs in one place. I'm crazy.

 NYE with Lalania and Kristie.

 Gennifer's mom gave the kids chap stick. Hosea is super into his and keeps it by his bed.
 Therese in her bed. Where does she sleep?!!
Recently Hosea has gotten pretty into cooking. He helped me do some stirring and often shows a lot of curiosity about the kitchen.

They're growing and growing! Busy times. I will try to update again soon :-)
Happy 2018!

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