Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Winter, Spring, and then Summer...and Yeah, I Know it's Fall Now

FIRST OFF: I tried to do this post SEVERAL TIMES. And the site wouldn't save my efforts and I'd have to start over. So I kept putting it off cause it was super annoying. This is long overdue. Before you know it it'll be winter again! Oh no!!!!!!!!!!!

Last winter was way too cold!

Apparently sometimes it wasn't too cold for THIS!!!

Saturday morning pancake tradition :-)
This is how he rolls. To school to pick up the girls. Shades and produce and a wagon.
Therese spent her allowance on chips from the vending machine at the community centre!

This is a list of Greta's favourite book series called Dear Dumb Diary.  I love reading these to her, they're hilarious!
More outdoor play in pretty much nothin' but boots!

Too much snow! So beautiful, but so cold, for so many days. Hello! This is why we live in Vancouver...it's not supposed to bet so cold!!

A group of my students on the way to a field trip volunteering at the Food Bank on a super snowy morning. Wow, it was pretty. I did so much snow walking the day because the buses were NOT cooperating!
The street where we live.
Walking home from school.

Greta made some absolutely gorgeous Valentine's cards for her class.

Playing with cousin Clark! Most of us were kinda sick on his visit here, and then he and Jenny went home with the sickness and passed it to Dalton. Ugh! The stomach flu is the worst, and with kids it passes so easily and so often.

Hosea's third birthday! He requested strawberry cupcakes and he helped me make them.

Taking the cupcakes to school to share them with the big kids!

Papa made Hosea beautiful wooden sword for his birthday.

A card from Greta there on the floor.

And one from Therese.
And Greta made Hosea this rock collection container.
And Therese made him this picture.

The girls were so sweet! I hadn't even known they were making him this stuff!

For a short time Hosea had these pink streamers on his balance bike. He chose them, but had a little trouble not ripping them out or crashing his bike so they'd fall out...oh well, it was fun while it lasted!

Hosea has this morning routine where he wakes up with me and watches a show with milk and a snack while I get ready for the work and the girls still sleep. It's his "Me Time" :-)
Third child gets far more TV than the girls did!
Going overboard with the stickers!
And wearing a "man bun" for a short while. Hilariously cute. Especially in his too-big monster shirt from Nana Kaka :-)

For her 8th birthday Greta had a slumber party with Lucy, Harper and Gracie. Plus a Dairy Queen ice cream cake.

The next morning the girls had pancakes and did lots of playing. It went pretty smoothly and they slept pretty well in beds and tents in the kids room.
A visit from Nana Kaka means a back tickle for Hosea! Hosea loves to has his back or arms or hands or feet tickled gently. He totally zones out. He'll even put his arm out and demand it :-)

For Therese's 6th birthday she wanted to get her nails done with Veronica!

The girls were so cute here. Saying things like "This is so relaxing!"

While they waited for their nails to dry they sipped on milkshakes. What a life!
Hey, a much easier thing to do than throw a birthday party!
On the way to Girl Guides camp on the Sunshine Coast. Greta and I went last year.
Therese was like a teenager listening to music in the backseat of my friend Katharine's car, with Georgia to keep her company.
The view from the lodge at the camp. So beautiful!

We took a walk through the "magical forest" on the last day at the camp and Therese liked trying these things out.

Spring at last!

On our way to pick Therese up from her Girl Guides meeting we took some pictures. Spring took forever in coming this year!!!

A cute little scene on Therese's bed one night :-)
Therese and I after school.
She was in a perfectly fine mood, but posed so serious for this!
I had been in total shock at what cool outfit she was wearing when I picked her up that day.
Little witch boy!

Therese in another cool outfit.
Greta's art continues to impress me!
The girls got spray hair dye from their nanny Gennifer for their birthdays. Here's Therese.
Therese loves to primp and play in the bathroom before she goes to sleep. Here she is sassing me in fun while I prompt her to hurry up!
Cute guy in the Ninja Turtles pjs I'd picked up for him at the thrift store.

At the Children's Festival on Granville Island.

This snack was a real hit!

An interesting set up Therese made in the living room for some kind of performance.
Last day of school slushies!

It was funny when I discovered this list of rules by Greta's bed one night!
From my balcony.

Super tired on a Friday movie night!

This is a very very sweet page I saw in Greta's Grade 2 journal.
And this one is hilarious!

Gennifer asked the kids to watch her Dory stuffy one weekend, and Greta thought it'd be fun to take pictures of the situation for her :-)

Doing a fashion show at Lucy's place this summer!
Summer!! It came and went too.
Oh this guy is such a little boy.

I did the Grouse Grind this summer for the first time. I did it in 52 minutes, which is a pretty good time I guess! It was really fun. I never got back up there, but it'll still be there when I'm ready for a second round :-)

Greta's frog died this summer :-(
Therese's ready-for-bed outfit! During the summer! Ridiculous.

I came home from work one day and saw Greta had put all these notes into books on my shelf.  So funny!!!

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