Sunday, November 20, 2016

Fall and All That

Here is a set up I saw in Therese's bed one night.  All her beanie-boos ready to sleep! The girls are super into beanie-boos right now.
Therese likes to borrow my eye mask that says "Leave Me Alone" sometimes when she goes to sleep!
The whole scene.
Hosea set up this construction site recently.  Wow! What a situation!
On the way to pick up the girls from school we have to cross this area where the just ripped out the train tracks, and they're making a bike and walking path.  Here's a nice mountain of rocks we found there that Hosea loved climbing up!
And...laying down at the top.
TT, looking super cute! Spelling words on the fridge.

It's common to see ridiculously expensive cars in our neighbourhood, but this was over the top!  A gold porsche parked a few blocks from my place.

A fairy garden (or something?) that Greta and and Therese and their friends made after school one day.  Greta really wanted me to get a photo of it.

Hosea, playing dress up!  "Me witch!"

Greta discovered an interesting way of stamping to make a picture by coloring the back of ribbons then pressing them down.  She's such an artist!
This was a story she and her friend Gracie made up, and later Greta wrote it out with pictures.  It's pretty amazing, and funny.  Her sense of humor is really developing, and these days she often makes me laugh out loud! I laugh out loud a lot these days, actually.  It's very therapeutic :-)

For Thanksgiving (it's in October, here), the girls were so excited! They woke up and said "Happy Thanksgiving!" like it was Christmas or something, and then they got straight to work making Thanksgiving cards for people!  (All their own idea...)
This one is from Therese.

And Greta made this one.
Here are some more details of it.
And some more...
Hosea likes to build a big tower with the cushions on the couch.

Hosea playing dress up at Pat's place for Thanksgiving.  He also put on this wig that looks like Donald Trump's hair...too bad I don't have a picture of that!

Thanksgiving with friends.  We've done it with these friends the last 3 or 4 years.  It's great. We had so much food!

Playing dress up again!

Some of the girls toy set ups.  Lallaloopsies and Shopkins.

A really huge puddle at the school in the afternoon.  Yes, I let my kids play in it and get wet, oh, and also play with sticks.  They had an awesome time!!!

My street, in the fall.  So beautiful!
Hosea loves to line up his big trucks, and also drive them down the hallway really fast! Then he often parks them back under the bureau where they go.

Wearing my shoes is always fun for's just that I usually have to stop him because I don't want to disturb the neighbours!  It's a battle, because he can be really persistent.

Therese wants to marry Alexander.  She has known him her whole life, and he's a year older, lives in our neighbourhood.  She recently made a picture of them getting married!!!  I think she and her girlfriends talk about this kind of thing at has begun!!!
Hosea loves to pick his nose.
A Saturday afternoon, I think. They usually play really well together.  I'm so glad they're friends and they have each other!
A happy face inside this pepper!

Such a cutie pie!!!
Greta did all of our face painting for Halloween.  Here we are getting ready for the Halloween dance at the school.

Therese was complaining about Halloween, saying "People kept asking me all day what I am for Halloween! Isn't it OBVIOUS?! I'm a spider princess!!!"

Thank you to hand me down pajamas and Salvation Army for the Halloween costumes. Also, thank you to the girls for their creative thinking :-)

Ok, these children of mine are super adorable.  These photos...I LOVE!!!
Getting ready for the dance.

Hosea busting many moves on that dance floor!

I love this photo. The pure joy!

Greta got really scared at the dance because someone had a super scary mask on.  She ended up huddling on the sidelines halfway through, so we went home early.  But not till we'd done some great dancing!  It was really fun.
My mom and Shayne came for a visit Halloween weekend, and they took us to Granville Island.  Each kid got $1 and was able to buy a bag full of candy!

We took these photos before they headed back home.
Therese carved this with Grandpa Shayne.  But she became super sad about cutting into it, so they didn't finish it.  I was jogging at the time, but apparently it was quite a dramatic scene!  The jack o lantern never did get finished.
Every year we end up making and jumping in piles of leaves at this park.  I love these photos too!

Therese's hair and face!

My friend at work has 3 boys, all older than my kids.  She sometimes gives me hand me downs.  She gave me this leather jacket for Hosea...but it fits Therese, and she loves to rock it.
Leave it to Greta to get everyone putting leaves all over their hair!

This guy is talking a LOT!  "No me like it _________", "Me havin' __________ mama", "Mama ho-hee ME" (help me go to sleep), "Sames, sames" (when something is similar)...his talking is so, so, so cute.  I think it's the cutest toddler talking I've ever heard.  Really.
She got really into this. Here we are stopping by Matthew's place, which is about 6 blocks south of mine, to give him some drinks and tylenol.  He was super sick a few weeks ago, so the kids didn't really see him for about a week.  I stopped by here and there to deliver things he needed, cause he couldn't get to the store.

Halloween night!  Greta did my face paint again.  This time it was much more dramatic than for the Halloween dance :-)

Hosea wasn't feeling well Halloween night, so he didn't dress up.  But he came along to get candy!
Make sure and take note of the awesome tiki statues, the carpet, and the couch in the entryway of my building.

Greta created this "gallery" for her artwork by her bed.  She is really proud of it. She should be!

When I pick up the kids from school I am often amazed at the outfits Therese is in (I don't take them in the morning...).  I especially loved this one!

The dress is a handmade velvet and lace vintage one.  Super awesome with the leather jacket.

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