Sunday, September 25, 2016

Here We Are!

 Here's Greta at the end of the summer working on an elaborate paper doll house.   The girls are so self motivated and creative--they have never-ending ideas!!!
 Here's the finished result!
 Greta saw me trying to get photos of Hosea, so she asked me to take a picture of her posing like this.  Towards the end of the summer it really did start to feel like it was time for school to start!
 And she wanted me to take another photo of her! It's funny, usually she doesn't even want me to get pictures of her at all!
 Hosea often refuses to let me take his photo.  But here he is cooperating well :-)
 He's talking a lot now...non stop actually!!  Some things he especially likes to say are "Buy it: milk" "Climb it: tree" "Drive it: car"!!! And he makes lots of jokes.  Also, he says "Mank you" for thank you.
 He's a very sweet and affectionate and tender little guy, who is also super active and rambunctious and loves to get in everyone's business--especially his sister's business!!!
 Getting ready to watch Paw Patrol together (I think?) on a Saturday morning when everyone was up MUCH TOO EARLY!!!
"Watch it: Paw Patrol"!!!

 Here are the kids with their nanny Sarah.  She's been their nanny off and on since I was pregnant with Hosea!  But now she's going to focus more on finishing up school.  Hosea especially misses her and talks about her often.

Did I mention how affectionate he is? With each nanny who has come to TRY and replace her (there have been 3 this month, plus 3 other people who have filled in!! oh the nanny drama!) he often follows them out the door making kissing sounds so he can let them know he wants to give them kisses before they leave!!!

 Playing hide and seek? Or just being shy for the camera?

 Hosea has no fear. Of course, why not put a chair on top of another chair and sit on it?

 At the school playground there are these bars he likes to climb, and they are SO HIGH!!! He insists on going to the top and it really scares me (I'm usually pretty laid back about that kind of thing, but heights stress me out!) Recently he climbed up, let go at the top, and did an "Oh yeah, oh yeah!!" dance with a big smile on his face!!! Then my friend helped talk sense into him (I couldn't) and tricked him into showing off how good he was at climbing down.
 They are turning the railroad tracks near our place into a bike path.  I took it home from work a couple weeks ago.  It was nice, but I think I prefer the bike streets for now, still.
 He kind of reminds me of a little lion cub :-)

 At Kerrisdale Days!!  They always happen in September, December and April and the girls always get their faces painted. Greta wanted to be painted as the purple monster I had made up a story about for her a few nights prior.
Unfortunately I didn't get a photo of Therese!! Whoops!!!
 And, the horse and carriage ride.  Hosea is at the age where he's really into this aspect of it! Here it was passing by the park when we were there.!! In action.  About once a month I still go to karaoke with my Kerrisdale mom friends--there were about 7 of us this time around.  I think I'm singing the pop song "Call Me Maybe" here :-) It was awesome.

 Checking out what's out the window!! "Dark!!!"

 On a recent trip to the States I had this view at the Peace Arch--so beautiful!!!
 Matthew always comes over in the evening to help with dinner and bedtime (y'all know we've been separated since June 2015?!) On this particular night he had just gotten gear for doing day labour...the kids were really into trying it on!!

 Oh my, so cute!!!
 My current class at work is 30 students!!! It is a busy class.  Here they are posing for a picture making a "people graph" about their favorite ECE class.  I enjoy my job :-)
 I have only one male student right now, and he's quite quirky! He owns a nail salon and I think he is quite famous for his nail artistry! Recently he went home to Japan and brought back this scarf for me.  So nice!
 The Japanese directions on what to do with the scarf.
 A really interesting caterpillar we found at the school the other day! It was huge!!
 At a fairy potion party Lucy had yesterday.  Everyone really enjoyed making fairy potion jars and playing in Pat's yard (Lucy's Nana/Grandma).

A beautiful tree on my walk home from dropping the kids off with Matthew yesterday.  And last night I went out with a couple of friends for drinks and we had great conversation.  I am at a really good space in life right now, it feels very rich and light, and I have time to think and be me and also be a mom.  Thank goodness.

Mom fail, though: no first day of school photos!! The girls started kindergarten and Grade 2 in the Montessori program (at their same school, just different program there).  So far so good! Therese has transitioned to kindergarten like a real champion--totally fine and totally independent.  I think she's having a blast there, and Greta really likes her class of Grade 1, 2 and 3 students. Her teacher raved about her to me recently, which was really nice to hear :-)

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