Saturday, August 20, 2016

Hosea, "Hoo Hee" ing (that's his word for sleep: Hoo Hee).
He doesn't nap anymore, but sometimes he conks out mid-day...somewhere...

Flour face!
Greta and Hosea playing with flour...(sorry, my camera broke, and my old phone camera wasn't so good...the next round of pictures will be from my NEW phone! which will be much better...)
We haven't done much at our garden plot this summer (big surprise, I tell myself...), but early summer we had many, many strawberries.  They were really good. The lavender has also been really nice and fragrant.
This girl has style!
Trouble is coming...kindergarten is starting in just a few weeks from now!  She's ready, and excited.
He fell asleep on the floor!
What a sweet little guy.  He is so busy and active, and such a physical little guy (maybe will play football or rugby?!)  He wears himself out. And his sisters, and his mother, and his father.
Therese wearing a dance costume I had as a child.  Watching Greta's Girl Guides end of year ceremony.
Greta got a special gift on the last day of Girl Guides.  I couldn't get her into our immediate neighborhood's Girl Guides unit for this coming we're not sure if she'll do it again! Maybe Scouts instead?

Greta used her allowance and birthday money to buy an item from the Scholastic book order form at school: this Rocks and Minerals kit.  She loves it!  Here she is ready for sleep.
Oh my, this picture!!!
During the last few weeks of school the kids were really into playing in this sand pit and making holes and tunnels.  Here are a couple pictures of Greta with her good friend Gracie.
Walking home from school.
Therese learned how to ride her 2-wheeler with no training wheels in literally one afternoon.  The next day she was a pro.  Here she is!
Playing in the garden at the community centre park.
And's so fun for Hosea!
What a look!
Hosea loves to clean.  I don't know yet if it'll just be a toddler phase for him, or if it's the real thing (I'd love that!)  "Cean it" he loves to say...sweeping, wiping up spills, etc.  It's a good thing, cause he also likes to make messes!!!
He had this costume on one day when I came home from work, and then threw a huge fit about getting into the stroller to go pick up the girls.  Soon he fell asleep in there...
...and then woke up to play soccer!
No pictures please!
Scary!!!!!  He loved putting this mask on and getting reactions out of people! Thanks Kristie :-)

Cutie pies!!! Walking home, and stopping off somewhere pretty.

At a summer party with friends, having a great time!

Reading with Papa.
This Greta got some stick bugs at the beginning of the summer from her friend Hester, and Therese started worrying they'd live in the tank she'd had for her short lived fish Rainbow.  All at once she came out of her room and stood kind of like this, but with more of a scowl, a sideways stance, and her thumb pointing back, and she said "Just one thing: there ain't no stick bug goin' in MY fish tank!!!"
I kid you not. Is she southern or something?

Shirt, diaper, and rain boots on a hot summer day at the bakery! Of course!
I took the kids on a week long trip to Washington recently.  One place we stopped was my friend Natalie's house.  She has a daughter who is 1, named Audrey, who I was so glad to finally meet.  The kids loved picking apples in her back yard and then helped make apple sauce.  Thanks Natalie!
We also stopped off at Melinda's house!  They had a little mini slumber party type thing with her with pizza and a movie and treats while I went out and met another friend for a short while.  I knew they'd LOVE her, and they did.  I was glad she could meet them all and bond with them.  Thanks Melinda!
Next up we went to Mom and Shayne's new place in Spokane.  The kids had an AMAZING time in their yard!!!

The best part was all the rocks, and the water fountain.  They'd fill cups with water and dump it on the rocks, over and over and over again.  And climb around was great. We also spent a day at Silverwood (an amusement park in Idaho I used to go to as a kid), as well as a day at Loon Lake.  I hadn't been there for about 7 years, so that was a bit strange...but the kids had fun there. I took NO PICTURES!!! Whoops.
We stopped off at Great Grandpa Ronnie's house too!  His girlfriend Thelma had little presents for the girls and they were super excited about this and wore the accessories the whole time!
Not a great picture, but here they are with Great Grandpa Ronnie!

The next day we drove to Dad and Linda's and stayed a few nights.  I got NO PICTURES there, but the kids loved every minute of it.  Ice cream and other treats, crafts, the beach, the back yard, the park, cartoons...what more could you ask for?  It was a nice week-long vacation. School is coming soon...

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