Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Spring, Easter, Birthdays!!!

A LOT has gone on since my last post.  I'll try to catch you up.

Here the kids are at a nice park at the University of British Columbia, looking all cute together :-)
This was on Easter.  Hosea is still in half of his Easter outfit, and Greta has already changed.  Whoops!  Looks like I failed getting that great Easter shot.  Trust me, Hosea looked amazingly adorable in his sweater vest, collared shirt, and corduroy pants.
Easter candy time. Looking for the jelly beans he dropped...

The peeps were a big hit.
Hosea is getting into tree climbing...the girls love to too.  Today Greta and Gracie spent quite a bit of time in a tree at the park together, while Therese was hanging out in another tree with Alexander.

There's this big yellow structure that Hosea is able to climb at the playground (Therese wasn't able to do it until THIS YEAR!!)...anyway, it's too high for my liking, but he can do it.  I only let him if he's with his tall nanny, or with his tall papa.  He usually respects that and seems to understand, but I know it can be frustrating for him because he just wants to climb!!!

For awhile there was construction going on outside our old place (yes...our "old" place...we've moved!!), and Hosea loved looking out the window at the trucks :-)
Greta turned 7!!! What?! 
She wanted an Easter themed party, and I made little cheesy chick crackers.
Post-unwrapping mess!

She requested chick faced cupcakes (I did ok...personally I think they look a little bit disturbing...but all the kids cared about were the candies!!)
So, I think if I remember correctly she invited these people: Lucy, Gracie (in this photo), Hester, Olivia, Nirvana and Marlow. As usual, we took it outside since it was a nice day.  The girls dyed Easter eggs (even though Easter had been the week prior!  this was on Greta's agenda!), and also they went on an egg hunt.  I was struck by how rule oriented they were with the hunt! They wanted to know exactly how many eggs to get, which kind, etc etc...back in the preschool years these kinds of rules were unnecessary, but 7 year olds need clear guidelines!!
Too cute.

Therese played Blastball this year.  It's kind of a precursor to T-ball.  She was awesome at it--very focused and enthusiastic.
Waiting for her turn to bat!
Showing off her glove.
Nana Kaka made each of the girls dresses for their birthdays.  Here is Therese' beautiful!  Greta's is gorgeous too, and suits her well.  She's not too into wearing dresses these days, but it should fit her a few years at least :-)  Therese, on the other hand, loves dresses and anything sparkly and fluffy!

Therese in action at her blastball game!  She wanted to have her birthday party at her game, so she'd have friends there to cheer her on (she actually said this!)

In the background you can see some of her fans :-)
She invited Autumn, Aoife, Alexander, Lula (her best friend at preschool) and Rose (a friend from preschool last year).  It was a really nice little party and I was especially grateful I didn't have to host it at home!
Greta is losing teeth!!! She's currently getting her top two grown up teeth coming in...
A cute shot of some of our neighborhood friends at the park where we're at all the time.
At the end of April there was a yearly parade in our neighborhood--we've been watching this since Greta was a couple weeks old and this year both girls were in it for the first time!!! It was quite a moment. Greta was in it as a Girl Guide.  (I think this is my only picture of her in this uniform, she never wants to wear it to her meetings and they aren't strict about it...she looks too cute, tho.)
Therese was in the parade with her blastball team (covered in arm tatoos!)

Here's a picture of Greta's Girl Guide troop.  I never posted about camp with her--I took no pictures--but it was amazing.  We went on a mother-daughter camp in a beautiful place only Girl Guides can go to, right on the water.  It was so fun for the girls and moms; we all had time to chat and bond, the moms took turns cooking and cleaning (I just had to clean up two of the meals, easy!!! otherwise it was like I was waited on and had all these friends around to chat with and my one daughter to bond with on the beach and on walks in the woods...totally great!)  I'm hoping Therese will be in the camp next year so I can go again :-)  I wish I had had my camera, but we did get one photo together which is hanging up by Greta's bed now.
So.....we moved!  After 7 years in the other building the landlord wanted our suite, so I frantically looked for a new place (they gave me 2 months to find something, and also one month's rent reimbursed, which was a perk).  I was super worried I wouldn't find something affordable ANYWHERE in Vancouver, let alone in our neighborhood.  But miraculously I did and I am so incredibly grateful.
Here is the view from my balcony!! Plus I have a dishwasher, 2 bathrooms now, and the kids room is HUGE, and the person living below us is a friend who is much older and I don't think hears very well :-) It's about 6 blocks north of where we were living before and it's fantastic.  Not even too much more money.  Amazing!!!!!!!!
Yogurt popsicles on the balcony :-)
Beach Day!
Hosea refers to himself as "Yay-Ya" these days.  If he wants to do something himself he'll say "Yay-Ya!" For example, yesterday he was so upset about not being able to get his sweatshirt off!  I offered to help him and he said "No! Yay-Ya!!!!!!" as he kept trying.  He eventually did it after much struggle and when I offered him a high-five for it he stuck his hand right out for one.  He had totally calmed down from the struggle and was ready to be acknowledged for his hard work :-)

It's been such a hot spring, I can't believe summer hasn't even officially started!
Seaweed monster.
We went to the beach with my friend Kristie and her daughter Lucy, who is one of Greta's best friends, a few Saturdays ago.  Greta even went swimming in the ocean, it was that warm!

About a month ago Therese started requesting to get her ears pierced.  I decided to just let her go for it!  Here she is post-piercing at Collins Jewelry in the neighborhood.  She was super brave.  When they did the first side I could see in her eyes that it hurt much worse than she had expected, and she nearly cried!  I was a little worried she wouldn't want to do the other side, but she got herself ready and did it.  Triumph and pain are still in her eyes here.
Beforehand Greta was almost open to the idea of doing it as well, but afterwards when the lady asked her she said adamantly "No thank you!!"
My tattooed and pierced TT.  She had so many tattoos on recently, and it's been so sunny...a couple of them she scrubbed off in the bath a week or so ago, and she has tan outlines of them still!
Greta made this poster, and it's been hanging on a hallway door at school for months.  I think it's pretty great that it got put there on its own.  She is quite an artist!
Oh my goodness!  At preschool a pet-guy came and Therese actually let this happen! (Her teachers sent me the photos...)

A snake is one thing, but seriously, a tarantula?!!!
How can this possibly be my daughter? I don't think I'd even touch one of these with a 10 foot pole.

So...summer is coming.  Many things are wrapping up and it's coming to my attention that another school year is nearly finished and soon I will have a Grade 2 child and a kindergartner!!! Wow.  Time is flying.  I am excited for the girls to be in school together and try out the Montessori program.  It will be a new adventure.  But in the meantime we are all looking forward to summer--to relaxing, and traveling, spending hours in the sun and at the pool, and to all the special summer festivities that come up each year.  It reminds me of the beautiful picture book I had as a child "Over and Over", about the rhythms of the year.  Now Greta reads it out loud to herself in her bed :-)

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