Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Spring Break!

 The last 2 weeks have been spring break, and this week I have off too so I get to enjoy some extra time with the kids!  We were going to go to Victoria, but that seemed too tiring and expensive.  A friend of mine suggested staying in Vancouver and spending a night at a hotel!  So, I took the girls for a night downtown last night!  It was so much fun, and the girls absolutely loved it.

Yesterday we arrived at the Rosedale on Robson (they helped me choose had to have a pool and breakfast!) It was the afternoon, and we quickly changed into our swimming things to enjoy the pool!  The pool was actually not that deep and once Greta saw older kids in the water she wanted these water wings off...but they came in really handy for Therese!  Once she realized what it felt like to float weightlessly she was really into it!
 Ready for a swim!
 After our swim we got ready for dinner and ate in the hotel restaurant.  I brought markers and paper along so the girls could color while we waited.  We were super hungry after all the swimming!
When dinner was over we walked to the grocery store and loaded up on bulk candy!  Here they are back in our room (on the amazing hide-a-bed...something they'd never seen before!) with all their candy watching the TV (something else they're not used to...we just have netflix...Therese kept saying she wasn't done watching because the shows weren't over!! i told her "It's TV, it's never over!")  She ended up staying up till 10 into some cartoons!  I'm pretty strict about shows and candy and all that at home really so it was quite a treat for her :-)
 This morning we had breakfast at the hotel and took another swim, but this time only in the hot tub.  Greta has had a bad cough and was doing a lot of it this morning (plus the pool was COLD!!) so we enjoyed the hot tub and the sauna again.  Greta especially liked the sauna.

After the swim I let them watch more cartoons while we all got ready to go.  It was a short stay, but it was so much fun!  We'll have to do it again!  What a great way to have an inexpensive and EASY getaway!!  I'm sold.

Here they are outside the building.
 And here they are by the pool they loved :-)
 I had a couple Nordstrom gift cards to spend (well one for myself, and one for Hosea!) so we went to the fancy store next.  The girls got really into posing like mannequins.  A lot of people took note and thought it was pretty cute; it was.
 We had a little snack at Nordstrom, and then, at their request, went to H&M.  Apparently some of the kids at school wear clothes from H&M and so the girls think it's really cool (they get all their clothes from grandparents--thank you--, and many, many hand-me-downs from friends, and the ocassional thrift store brand new clothes that THEY pick out are unheard of!!)
 Therese saw this gold jacket at H&M and had to have it! It was a bit more than I'd planned on spending, but her birthday is coming up, so it'll just have to be part of her gift.  She also chose this headband...
 ...and this shirt!  Much of it was on a mannequin, and apparently Taylor Swift has a gold jacket, so Therese thought she needed to have one too.  Yikes! Already influenced by pop culture!!!  The first thing I thought was that it was like Michael Jackson!  When Matthew saw it he thought "Elton John"!
 Greta chose a butterfly and flower dress that her friend Lucy also has. She went to it right away and knew it was what she wanted to get.
 Also this cat and bunny shirt :-)
 This is a picture of the bed and night stand etc that Therese imagined would be at the hotel.  Greta drew a picture of this imagining too (I think that's what gave Therese the idea) but she thought it was terrible and did NOT want me taking a picture of it.  I've decided to respect that.  She usually likes her art!
 I finally spent a gift card Hosea got for his birthday from Nana Kaka--for Nordstrom!  I got him these cute little swim shorts and a book (he's TOTALLY uninterested in the has NO CARS, TRAINS OR TRUCKS in it, what was I thinking??!! By the way, his word for Truck these days is "Dump-ty" and his word for food is "Num-ny"...too cute...we all missed him when we were at the hotel!)
 Hosea had some extra Papa time.  They went to Science World today and he got to run around and explore and play with balls.  I guess he had trouble sleeping last night (only his second night ever without me!! The first time was only a couple weeks ago when Greta and I went to a Girl Guides Mother-Daughter camp...which I still need to write about!)

It's hard to get a picture of him still.

Anyway, I'm really enjoying the time off.  It's super rainy right now, but maybe we can hit the ice skating rink in the neighbourhood one more time--we did that on Monday--or maybe the library will have a lego party, or maybe the weather will improve and we'll get to spend a lot of time with friends at the park!  Who knows!  But it's great.  It's so relaxing.  The time at the hotel was really special and I hope we do it again soon.

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