Friday, March 11, 2016

Late Winter

Here we are early 2016 having a tea party with Greta's good friend Gracie.  Great Grandma Hope gave the girls this tea party set.  Also, Therese's face is covered with the nutella she sometimes puts on her special breakfast Saturday morning pancakes/waffles/french toast!  Leftovers make a great lunch and tea party accompaniment.
Gracie is very, very, very quiet.  She pretty much NEVER speaks to me.  It's not a language thing, she speaks English very well, and can be quite chatty with Greta.  They often walk along holding hands and talking about things...who knows what...but the conversation seems very important! Her younger sister Doris is quite the opposite, she's only just 3 but often says my name and apparently calls me "the one with the beautiful hair"!

Papa and Hosea in kind of twin-sie outfits!  Hosea got this sweatshirt (and there are matching pants) from Great Grandma Hope and he looks absolutely adorable in it!!

Remember when I said the girls were traumatized by having to get rid of the Christmas tree? Well here are a few odes to that Christmas tree.
This drawing is by Greta.  It depicts our living room well! She is quite good at making pictures, and on her recent progress report, which she achieved "meets expectations" or "fully meets expectations" for everything, she got "exceeds expectations" for her artistic abilities :-)
A collage by Greta, with remnants of the tree (Therese still has remnants of the tree next to her bed!!!)
Therese's picture of the tree. Her pictures, with their open arms and happy faces, always seem so cheerful.
Therese's tree.

She came up with this all on her own: TT's broken heart because of the tree having to go!!!
The tree and some of our Christmas characters we had in the windowsill.
A month or so ago Hosea got really into building with blocks.  He sat here this night in the picture and built over and over and over again, so intent and focused! I had never seen him stay in one place for so long! He kept saying "Tow!" for tower, and trying new ways.  It was fun to watch.

The morning of this snow, shortly after the Christmas break was over, it was really hard to go to work!! Hosea was so cute and cozy in his pajamas, it was so dark and cold out, and he was so sweetly looking out the window amazed at the snow!
He is a snuggler, that's for sure!

I captured these two shots one night when Therese couldn't sleep and came to my bed where Hosea was already sleeping.  (the lights were out but the flash came on for this!) He certainly had made himself comfortable!!!
Don't worry, I've put a bed rail up since this!!  Also, I'm thinking of getting him his own big boy bed for in my room.  He never sleeps in the pack in play anymore, I think it's too small and not very comfortable.  I don't mind him in my bed, but I think he also needs some space of his own for when he wants it.  He'll probably be really excited when I finally find him the right bed!

Greta and Hosea with the pillows I made for them.
Look at all those teeth!! Hosea was so good at his second dentist appointment a month or so ago!  He said "eeeeeh, aaaaaaah" so cooperatively to get his teeth brushed and have the dentist count them.  We still bring it up and have little conversations about it.  He was very proud of himself.  (he used to fight us with teeth brushing!)
Guess who? (TT!)
We celebrated a late Christmas with Judy and Hans in January. More presents!!

Nana Judy made a set of beautiful dolls with clothes and a play mat/carrier for the girls.  They love them!

Greta likes to get photos of my plants.

More photos by the girls.
He doesn't look too jazzed about getting his picture taken by a sister here, does he?

And below, more lalaloopsies.

And below that, one of their nannies, Sarah, reluctantly posing for a photo!

Therese again.

I thought this outfit she chose was super cute.  The green, the velvet vest on top, and a brooch and pigtail too?  Style.

There was a beautiful sunset and I was trying to capture it through the front window.

I love being on the 3rd floor, the view is great, but it doesn't feel too high up :-)

Hosea trying to get on the table...a common sight around here!

After his bath playing with his "djoo djoo's!"
He often spends a good amount of time figuring out which magnetic end to hook the next one onto.  He can have a lot of patience on these kinds of tasks!

A princess bandaid is on the owie he kept picking at, and then kissing.  I had to cover it so it could finally heal!! (it was tiny, and he was fascinated by it!!)

Therese busy at work making Valentines.  Instead of writing classmates' names she decided to draw pictures of them or of things they liked.  For Doris' she drew a picture of herself because she said that Doris often wants to play with her at preschool!!  She's nearly 2 years younger than Therese, though, and Therese is an older girl there, so I'm not sure it always happens...Therese loves to play with Lula, Oscar and Nolan.  I often catch her out on the field after school at the elementary school running around playing soccer with BOYS who are at least 2 or 3 years older than her! She's got confidence!! One time she was out there playing with them, I think the only girl, and she was keeping up with soccer and singing Katy Perry's "Roar" song at the same time.  It was hilarious.

More pictures by the girls.

Matthew got me this beautiful bowl for Christmas.
And Therese got me this one.  I can see why the girls took photos of them...

Sad side note: Greta dropped the camera recently :-( So no more pictures for awhile, unless I can get it fixed!! Blogging will be a bit harder...
A nice shot from down below...
A sunny day, out the window...

Dress up and dance time!!
Hosea wants to get too when the girls do. (The costumes the girls are in I wore when I was their age!!)

He's comfortable with both his masculine and feminine side. Especially when he has a balloon too.

Therese in another great outfit, I thought!

Grandma Linda got the girls this clay set for Christmas.  It's awesome, and they've had so much fun with it (only when Hosea is napping, though!)

Therese's creations.
Greta's creations.

Hosea loves to put shoes on.

I wanted to capture his cute little curl.  We might give him his first haircut soon, but this curl really holds me back!!!!!!!

He's so cute!!

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