Monday, March 21, 2016

Hosea Turns 2!

 A couple weeks ago Hosea turned 2!
 This card was from Therese.  She made a picture of Hosea in a submarine!
 And a rainbow with Hosea's face.
Greta made a really great Thomas the Train card for Hosea, but I took it to work when showing off some of my kids' art and forgot to get a picture of it!  It also has a really sweet message inside.  I'll add it later :)
 Hosea's cake!  This is my attempt at making a fancy and unusual cake.  Ha!  It was the simplest way to add some pizzazz with the time and patience and energy I have.  A friend from work gave me these cars, as her son had grown out of them and had never used them.  They are actually really great and move all kinds of crazy ways! Hosea was really impressed with the cake and wanted the cars RIGHT AWAY!
 Agony while waiting to play with the cars!  Matthew gave him some jelly beans to enjoy in the meantime.
 "Arrh"...his word for Car.  He wanted those so badly!! What was all this picture taking about anyway??

 So close!!!
 Approval!  And now wearing a birthday crown from Therese too.
 For his birthday we had cake, put up decorations, and opened some presents.  We got him a small basketball hoop for in the house, a little airplane, and the girls got him a couple of cars.  He got some birthday money too, which I'm saving up to help buy him a "big boy" bed.  I'm looking at a really great bunk/loft style that will set aside some space that's just for him, even though he doesn't have a room of his own.  It should work well in my room for the time being, and maybe someday he can move out to the little office area adjacent to the living room.  But for now he still needs to sleep close to me at night so I can grab him his milk from the fridge when he wakes up yelling for it in the middle of the night!
 Some cute bath pictures.  He LOVES baths and bubbles and gets quite worked up about it if he wants a bath and doesn't get one! He's a real splasher and pourer too, but the end of bath time there is usually a lot of water on the floor (the girls end up with the same results...)

 Last weekend he got his first haircut!  The girls were against it, probably also because I always resisted.  His little curl in the back was so cute!  But I knew this cut would be adorable, and thought it was time to give it a try.
 He watched a Thomas the Train show to keep him sitting still.
 "Choo choo!"  Towards the end of the cut Matthew accidentally snipped his ear a tiny bit!!! He cried and Matthew felt terrible.  Good thing it was good enough by that time because Hosea wouldn't have any more of it!  Reminded me of the time I cut Greta's fingernails/skin too short when she was a newborn...
 Showing off his new haircut for me at dinner :-)

 Happy Two Years, Hosea!  We love you big guy :-) ...although you aren't that tall! 10th percentile for height, 70th for weight, according to your recent check up!!
You are tough and sensitive.  At times crashing into things, or banging your head into the wall to hear the sound and see how much you can take, then the next minute holding a baby doll and feeding it milk!  Today when Greta was crying about something you went over and hugged and comforted her, totally unprovoked. What a sweetheart you are and what joy you bring to our lives.  It's been a fast and furious 2 years...slow down a bit--you and me both--so we can enjoy the time flying by a bit more!  

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  1. I love the haircut. He is such a boy! I just love this little guy, and his sisters too.
    Nana Judy