Thursday, February 25, 2016

Little Photographers

It's been awhile, and now I'm back with a series of photos the girls took during Christmas time when they hijacked the camera, as they sometimes do.

I deleted TONS of their photos! These are just a few I kept. They were prolific.

Shopkins.  All lined up for their portrait, several times over.

Brother, looking a little unhappy about that camera right in his face!
The Shopkins building Greta wanted for Christmas.  It has sat in her bed ever since Christmas day.  I don't know if it's because it's so special she wants it safe from everyone else and her bed is the best place for that, or if she just doesn't really like it.  Hmmm.....
Oooh, a close up shot of the slide.

More pictures??
The girls were devastated when it was time to take the tree down.  I mean, I can be a sentimental sap, but this was serious overkill.  They cried and cried and cried.  They wanted to save branches of it (they still have them at the end of February), they took pictures of it, and they drew pictures of it "so I can remember it!" --said through tears--they couldn't bear to see Matthew take it out of the house.  Wow, it was the worst.  So it's a good thing they took these up close tree photos!
This Christmas ornament with Greta's picture's on it is hilarious.

A photo shoot of Shopkins on my bed, of course.

And another one on our light up Christmas church.

Oh, more on the chair.

I love the angle they take pictures at, and seeing the things their eyes are drawn to.

Some pictures looking out the window on Christmas Day.

My treasured trio of little light up Christmas figures I got at a really great store in the neighborhood that closed down a couple years ago.  The kids always love these.

The stearing wheel of Hosea's new truck.

Looking up from the dining room floor.

Looking through a houseplant and out the window.

During the cold months we sometimes put on this Netflix fire movie!  It's a real fire, the logs crackle, someone adjusts it, and it goes on for an hour or so.  It's cozy.

A lalaloopsy in the tree.  These dolls were a Christmas favorite for sure.

Oh, enjoy this view of my condensation filled window and window sill.

And of course, this is an image to treasure forever: next to Therese's bed!!  A typical, but rather tame, scene here.

Therese. Nearly cross eyed.


Inside of someone's mouth.

Grey hair, white hair, the color is going, the wrinkles are settling in, life is taking it's toll on me I feel!!! Sure, some day I'll look back and think I looked so young at this point, but right now I don't see it!!!

Therese got this yellow wristband at a birthday party in November.  In January she finally accepted that it was broken when it fell apart for the second time, but she still wears the blue one you might have noticed in one of these other pictures.  She will NOT take it off!!!

Hosea will be 2 in a couple of days.  Therese got into the Montessori kindergarten at our public school here--it was a lottery she won and now Greta will go to the top of the wait list for her grade, and Hosea will automatically get in when he's in kindergarten!!  The girls are into Katy Perry songs and dancing, Hosea will even sing parts of "Roar"--elementary school is exposing them more and more to popular culture.  Greta and I are going to a Girl Guides and Moms camp next weekend!  When Greta studies her spelling words a couple of times a week she gets 100%'s on her tests.  She's reading (when did that happen???!!!) Hosea loves to kiss his toys, or have them kiss him or things, and he sometimes feeds them too.  Whenever he notices anyone around him is upset he'll suggest they have milk "Maow" he'll say.  And anytime he's in distress "Maow" is what he needs ASAP.  They say cute and sweet and hilarious things every day, too many too remember.  They are sweet with each other, so flexible and adaptable and friendly, creative and imaginative and self directed and assertive and empathetic.  But it is so tiring.  Time to myself is scarce. And when I get it I'm exhausted.

As I mentioned earlier, they enjoy using the camera.  Well this week Greta dropped it and it broke.  We'll see if it can be fixed, or if I have a replacement lying around somewhere.  Hosea is adorable in all of his soon to be two-ness, so I'm going to need to get some more pictures of the kids for the next post!!

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