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Here we are decorating our tree.  Of course it was a lot of fun and a source of good memories :-)
We got a car and went to a tree lot not too far from home--I think it'll be our new regular spot. The people were so friendly and the trees weren't too expensive.
Hosea, being cute :-)

Matthew and I take turns putting Hosea to bed.  He always falls asleep with him!  The flash doesn't do this scene justice--it was dark in here and these two were cozied up like this.  It happens every other night and it's so sweet. (I tend to put him to bed with some stories, a short time of rocking or snuggling--if he wants it--and then I put him into his bed! Hosea loves his story time.  It's one of the only times of day he has a parent all to himself, and he's really into reading books.  He especially likes it when I sing the story Brown Bear, Brown Bear or Jesus Loves Me--his face totally lights up!)
This was a special treat: eating homemade peppermint candy cane ice cream in front of a movie!

Our tree.
It was a really nice one!!

You can't tell by this photo, but we really got into putting the crackling fire on youtube or netflix this year.  It made our living room even more cozy!  It was easier than having a real fire place, and has the sounds of it but not the mess or the heat (it's always warm in our place anyway...)

A nice angel Greta made.

Another angel someone made hanging out at the church.
This is what the back seat of a car looks like when we use one nowadays!  Crowded.  Here we were headed to Science World for the day.  This was a day when I wanted to take everyone up to the Peak of Christmas at Grouse see the snow etc.  It would've been an expensive outing, and I booked a car for it.  However, the girls really freaked out about having to ride a gondola like thing to get up there, so we decided against it.  I was pretty sad :(  But I guess we saved money, and I guess I also learned that having a car to go to Science World really saves NO TROUBLE!  I had to pay $12 for parking and it was difficult to find a spot, and, as you can see, it was quite crowded in there.  At least we avoided the terror of heights and being too cold...but still, I wish we'd gone up the mountain. NEXT YEAR!!!

I think this was Christmas Eve.  The kids open presents from each other on Christmas Eve.
Greta got Therese a lalaloopsy, and Therese got Greta a Barbie.
The girls actually picked out a big pick up truck for Hosea, but we saved that for the morning, and instead Hosea opened up this cool car from Papa on Christmas Eve.
As Matthew put Hosea to bed Christmas Eve, I helped the girls decorate the sugar cookies we'd made that day.  It was really fun and relaxing since the little guy had gone to bed and the girls were really into it! We had some nice Christmas music on and just really enjoyed the experience.

Greta especially took a lot of time on hers.  As you can see she gave some of them A LOT of gummies!!!
Therese got a bit of a stomach ache that night, and kept saying it was because she had eaten too much sugar :-)  She slowed down and just decorated after that.  I was sure glad it wasn't something like a real tummy bug!!!
Christmas Eve.
I always like it once the kids have gone to bed and I can tidy up and feel a bit more peaceful!  I really enjoyed sitting out by the tree and the lit up church with Matthew this year once it was nice and quiet.  And of course the kids and I did too on the dark's just that it's not quite so peaceful with them ;-)
Ready for Santa!

Too bad this is sideways and I don't have the energy to try and turn it and then re-post it right now.  Someday when this is in a book I'll just turn the book to look at it right-ways!
Therese's letter to Santa...something about wanting a Horrid Henry goo gun...well Santa was out of those, but she was ok with what she ended up getting. Thank goodness!
This is the letter Greta decided to write to Santa on Hosea's behalf.  So sweet.
This is the envelope from Greta's letter to Santa.  So decorative! I forgot to take a picture of the letter, but we kept it.  It was so very polite, asking things like "Could I please have" ...things like a vase with dried flowers, a shopkins toy, thank you very much Santa and "I love you" :-)

Both girls had Christmas concerts at school this year.  Unfortunately Therese's was during the day and I was at work :-( But I enjoyed hearing her practice the songs at home: "Twinkle Twinkle Christmas Star".  Greta's songs were "One Little Hanukah Candle" and a dance to the Nat King Cole song "Happiest Christmas Tree".  Matthew wasn't going to be able to make it, but the concert was so long that he was able to arrive just in time!  Greta's face totally lit up when she saw him in the crowd.  She waved in awe from the stage in her write shirt, ponytail, and new snowflake necklace.  She danced so enthusiastically.  Afterwards I mentioned how she did so well and seemed to confident up there--she said smiling: "Well I didn't FEEL confident!" It was a sweet little moment. She also won the award for a spelling/word finding contest that night (while they weren't performing they were in their classroom), and the prize was some purple hubba bubba bubble gum!
Here's a close up of the pictures Therese put on her letter.  A happy snowman!

Christmas morning frenzy!!

Matthew kept encouraging Hosea to look into his stocking...finally he did--the first thing he pulled out was socks!  He kind of put his hands in the air and made a face like "What's the big deal?" and then didn't want to look into the stocking anymore!
Have I mentioned how a little game we like to play these days is for me to squat down with open arms at the end of the hallway and for Hosea to run run run so fast right into my arms to I can hug him? It's the best :-)
More than candy, chocolate, or toys, Hosea wanted everyone else's "bum"s!!!!  (That's what he calls oranges nowadays, because we've told him they hurt his bum when he eats them, from the acidity, so he actually has taken to calling them "bum"!  Apparently bum was all he wanted for Christmas!)
A few days before Christmas the girls made it really clear they expected Santa to bring them a Nutcracker.  Well, Santa pulled through at the last minute!  Therese was especially happy about this!

Christmas morning Lucky Charms while we waited for the cinnamon rolls.
Hosea's Santa present.

The girls each got a Shopkins set up from Santa (funny, they already don't play with them! I guess that's how it goes sometimes...)
At least on Christmas Day they played with the Shopkins things :-)

The next day, in the evening after Matthew's shift at Ming Wo, we traveled down the Seattle to meet up with Grandpa Paul, Grandma Sam, Aunt Melissa, Uncle Kristen, and cousins Ida and Poppy!  We hadn't seen Paul and Sam for over a year, and the cousins for about 8 months!!!  It was a fun visit. The girls all slept in one room, sharing bunk beds, and they stayed up late playing and chatting.  Everyone handled it pretty well, though.

It's hard to get a good picture of 5 little ones!!!

Oh, Greta...she's got to be moving!!!

Ready to watch a movie with Grandpa Paul :-) These two get along swimmingly.

And they look alike!  I often see Paul's face in Hosea, and this picture captures that similarity well.

Movie night!  Melissa and Kristen have a projector they set up for this, so it was a big screen we watched the movie on.  "Song of the Sea" is what we watched, and recently Greta told her friends Lucy and Gracie about the selk-ies in the movie and they all pretended to be those creatures (mythical Irish seal-people!)

Getting sleepy...

Greta is the one who kind of just wants to go to sleep when she's really tired.  Therese is the party girl.  Greta wanted to sleep here, and fortunately the second night the party girls didn't keep her up too late!

For the next couple of days we went to my Dad and Linda's house for another Christmas celebration. Matthew couldn't join us because he works retail, so he had to get back.  The girls were sad to see him go, but quickly perked up for this visit.  When it was time to head back home a couple days later they cried and cried!!!
Reading with Grandpa Dan.

Reading with Grandma Linda.

Hosea was excited to get to go outside the first morning we were there...but I made him wait till I was ready!

Little Christmas Therese :-)

This one has quite the sense of humor about her.  A few days before Christmas it was time to get ready for bed.  Therese was naked, with only socks on, and I caught her in the hallway like this holding her flashlight and swinging it around the space saying in a Louis Armstrong voice (based on the song), "Is that YOU Santa Claus?!"  Oh my goodness, it was HILARIOUS!!!
The kids got to see their Great Grandparents too!!

Therese keeps this picture in her cubby by her bed, and Greta had me re-print one so she could color it in.  They really love Great Grandma Hope (of course!)

Even though we don't get to Arizona much we've recently gotten to Skype with Great Grandma Jewel, and even with Great Grandpa Ronnie in Spokane a few months ago!  It's pretty great they have nearly 4 sets of Great Grandparents still alive.
Therese and Hosea having a great time wrestling.

Opening more presents...
Hosea is really into his milk lately, and must have a cup nearby most times or he noisily complains/begs for one until he does!
Ooooh, what a treat, eating a "bum"!
It's always fun to do crafts at Grandma Linda's.
Greta enjoyed playing with this little gingerbread house and her new lalaloopsy doll.
She made Great Grandpa Harry a picture and they had a really special moment where he showed a lot of appreciation for it, saying he'd hand it up at home, and she was very proud and tender with him.

These two really, really, really look alike!!! Lucky Therese :-)

On the last day with Grandpa Dan we went to the Tacoma Children's Museum.  It was awesome!

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  1. what a whirlwind trip! it was fun seeing you all. hopefully we can do it again sooner than eight months from now!