Sunday, December 20, 2015

'Twas My Birthday

 Awhile ago...yes I turned 36, as you can see in the above card for me from Greta.
Yes, she made this for me, it was so gorgeous!!!  Unfortunately Hosea got his hands on it soon after and it was destroyed.  It's sure a good thing I had the foresight to take a photo!
She makes so many beautiful and interesting pictures.
Last week, when she was upset with me and threatening to run away from home (! sleep in the woods apparently!! I told her I knew how she felt, and that sometimes it seems like a good alternative to just get away from people and sleep in the woods...) she made some heart shaped pictures that simply said "no no no no no no" all over them and handed them to me.  I had asked her to have some alone time in her room to calm down.  She needed to draw in order to calm down.  It worked :-)
 TT made me this one.  She is such a sweetheart.  Sometimes she makes me pictures and when she gives them to me she tells me it's so I'll always remember her!!!!!  Like I need her art to do that...! Is that a middle child kind of thing?
 This guy.
A co-worker with 3 boys has given me a lot of hand me down clothes, including this ridiculously cute little robe.  He runs around the house in it after his baths.
 Recently after Hosea went to bed the girls were gushing about him, saying things like "his cheeks are so rosy like roses", "his eyes are so blue like bluebells/as blue as a piece of cake in the sky", "his hair is like the color of spring flowers/is as golden as a trophy", and "his ears are like flowers blooming", the poetry!  As someone once told me who knows what it's like to have a baby boy in the family..."his sisters will spoil him for all other women"!! Yes, I think that sometimes happen.
A couple weeks ago Hosea bumped his toe on something when playing.  He sat down and tried his hardest to pick up his foot and bring his toe to his mouth to kiss it!  As he tried to do it, tho, his leg scooted farther and farther from his mouth!  He had to try all kinds of different contortions, but he finally succeeded, and apparently then the owie was all better.  Sometimes it takes a kiss from me, but that time he sufficed :-)

I had a nice birthday, I think.  I honestly can barely remember it already.  That is why I try to write this other stuff down.  "The days go by so slowly and the years go by too fast" often goes through my all whooshes by and so much I don't even remember! I've got a stack full of items to put in baby books, and none of my kids are even babies anymore!!

I'm in a good place at 36, tho, and I'm grateful for that and for these sweet and fiesty little ones who give me so much love.  Here's to another year!

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