Sunday, November 1, 2015


Last week we went to get our pumpkins.  Instead of getting a car and spending a lot of money at this place we usually go to, we decided to stick closer to home.  Greta and I rode our bikes, and Matthew pulled the other two in the wagon to a farm that's about a 30 minute walk from our place.

Here are a few silly shots of my biking partner!

And there came the wagon, catching up to us bikes!  What nice fall colors :-)

This farm doesn't grow its own pumpkins actually (they grow a lot of other stuff, tho, and have animals too...) so the pumpkin pickings were all of the smaller variety.

Unfortunately there were a couple dogs off-leash here, so Greta really got to the point where she couldn't focus on anything else...all these pictures show her preoccupied about the dogs!  But here were right close to some sheep.  I think Hosea enjoyed seeing animals up close.

This was a really fun part of the farm!  If it hadn't been busy there I would've taken more of a turn on this tire swing too!

Another thing the farm had set up was a little campfire with free marshmallows to roast!  What a pleasant surprise.  I hadn't done that over a real fire in years, and it reminded me of summers in Spokane :-)

And the teeter totter was a nice challenge...

Getting ready to ride home!
On the way there it was really all downhill.  Greta started to get a side ache on the way back, and walked her bike for a bit, but over all she was a real trooper!  She rode without much of a complaint most of the way back home.

Scoping out the hill...
Back at home...Hosea likes to clean things...sweep, use wipes or cloths to wash the floor or the walls, and here I caught him with a wipe in the corner washing off Therese and Greta's pumpkins! (after brushing his hair...)

This scene has nothing to do with Halloween, but it's a nice fall arrangement of the kids after school, doing what they often do while I make dinner...watching a couple shows together.  The girls have started wrapping themselves up in blankets for this, and Hosea wants his too!  Everyone is cozy.

Ok, Halloween day! Vampire princess. The girls each had costume parties at school this week, and then yesterday I took them to a Halloween party down the street at the community centre.  Here's Greta ready for that!

And our little Kitty Cat Hosea (whose forehead bruises match his cat whiskers!!)
At first he was a little bit weirded out by wearing a costume, especially just the tail part (I think I actually saw him chasing his tail...), but then he got into it, and if his ears had fallen off he'd gesture to have them put back on.

Our little witch!

Playing a game at the party.  This was during his nap time, and he LOVES his nap, so we only stayed for a bit.  He was pretty tired and uninterested...mostly he just wanted to play with this ball!

Getting ready to trick or treat! Fortunately Matthew got back in time to come along...we thought he would have to work longer, so it was great when he got back earlier than expected.
The next few photos are attempts to get a good shot of all of the kids...none of these turned out that great!

Ready for his first trick or treating!

I found both of these costumes a the thrift store.  Therese's dress even lights up!  It came with the hat, and was in the original packaging.  She likes to try and imitate my witch laugh :-)
Greta found this dress and cape at the same store and picked them out individually.  I then asked her what she could be with them and she quickly came up with the vampire princess idea!  I think it's pretty spooky!

We met up with a group of friends.
The last house we went to (not this one...I just like it...) was SUPER scary, with a huge tarantula that jumped out at you, several men dressed really creepy...anyway, by that time the girls had had enough and they both requested we head home!  Not to mention, the fireworks had started too, which always scares Greta.


I think Greta looks really scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Back at home, Hosea snuggling with Papa and everyone eating some candy and listening to and watching the fireworks.  Greta fell asleep during bedtime stories (that rarely happens), and even Hosea seemed spooked by that time of day, and snuggled me to sleep in the rocking chair.

It was a good Halloween...even if we never carved those pumpkins...
Till next year! :-)

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