Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Cute Things, They Come and Go

This post won't have any photos.  I just want to make sure and record these stories before I forget!  I remember looking at old posts of when Therese was Hosea's age, and reading things about Therese that I had totally forgotten!  These years are so fast and so intense and so cute and so special...and my brain can't hold it all in.

Hosea can't eat oranges...as long as he's still in diapers, that is...if he eats citrus and then does something in his diaper it really irritates his skin.  So lately we've had mandarins in the house, and Hosea LOVES citrus.  He points at it saying "Ehh! Ehh!" insistently.  We've told him "I know, oranges are so yummy, but they give you a red bum."  Now he actually calls oranges "Bum!" and then points to his own bum.  He has even put an orange near to his bum area and then said "Bum!"  He'll see orange peel in the garbage or on the floor and point and say "Bum!" It's pretty funny.

Also, tonight he was really into putting his hands into the water in the bathroom sink. Then he decided to step down from the stool and dry his hands on the hand towel, then he'd walk back and wet his hands again...he did this over and over and over again until we had to pull him from the bathroom to go to bed and he was NOT happy about it!!!

Oh the stories...

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