Sunday, October 25, 2015


 He's at the point where I forget his age...over 1.5 now! Time is flying with this little guy.  He is such a sweetheart.
A few weeks ago after dinner I noticed Hosea seemed to be eating something...but he was no longer at the table and had been wandering around the house.  I asked him what was in his mouth, and he directed me to my room, to the bedspread where there are tiny strawberries on a part of it, and he "picked" another one of them and fed it to me!  Melted my heart!!
 Fun times in the living room!

 Lately Hosea likes to lift up his shirt, pat his belly, and say "baby"--I think that's his word for "body".
 This poor couch...who would've thought 7 years ago when I bought it that it would look the way it does now? All because apparently it's not washable!!  So in the past when I wiped off super small smudges on it with lightly watered was cloths it left rings of water spots.  Oh well.
The kids love jumping on it and building with it!  Our indoor jungle gym.
 Not too long ago the girls got the idea to put on a dance show to the song "Uptown Funk You Up" (they had seen other friends do this).  The planned it all out, putting on their coordinating tie-dyed t-shirts, and using the toy microphones.  They even had a part where Greta sort of reminded Therese to stand back to back with her for a particular dance move, and Therese often stood on the ottoman dancing.  It was hilarious!!!
 Greta took the camera and snapped many pictures this day as well. She loves to take pictures.
And here's a story about Greta I posted on Facebook awhile ago:

"Greta today on the walk home from school: "What's OUR other language?" (she has many friends who speak Mandarin or Cantonese), "Ummmm, we don't have one...we only speak English. Would you like to learn some form of Chinese?" (I mean, it would be sooooo useful!) this Greta paused and then asked, 'Would that make my hair turn black?' "
 This most certainly isn't it, but Hosea's lemon face is a must see.  He kind of puckers up his mouth, closes his eyes, shakes his head, smiles, and exhales...then happily takes another taste of the lemon! We sometimes use them on salad at dinner, and he is very curious...

 It's funny, I sometimes notice these elephants (that were my great grandmother's) in different positions on the window sill.  A couple days ago I mentioned it and Therese said she's the one who always switches them around!  Just today she pointed out that she put them so that the "mother was kissing the two babies" :-)

 Greta, having fun with the camera.
 Getting Rody in a good light ;-)
 What a cuties pie!!!

 More photos by Greta.

 A couple weeks ago everyone here got the stomach flu...Hosea was first.  By the time the girls got it he was all better.  I set her and Therese up with some painting while Greta slept on the living room floor in the middle of the day...she had it the worst of all.  Poor kids!!

 Hosea went over to check on her, but she was totally out.  She hadn't slept much at all the night before or all day until about 4.  She had been sick for so long and couldn't get comfortable.  It was a relief to see her finally catching up.
When Hosea had it, a few nights prior, he woke up throwing up in his bed I think 3 separate times.  Each time he didn't cry, and followed me to the bathroom and the closet so I could clean him up or change his bed.  He was really tough!
Therese unfortunately started throwing up while at her friend's house!  And then once I got her home she threw up all over our hallway rug and then made it to the bathroom the rest of the time.  She too was super tough, all business, no crying, no complaining.
Greta started throwing up that same night, in the middle of the night.  First she was crying and complaining and miserable!!! Then it started.....and went on and on through the next day.
I was the next victim, the next night, of course. Glad that's over with!!!!!
Hosea and all his words!  He is talking, in his own way, a lot these days.
Last night he learned how to say "Jesus"!  It's adorable.  And then today he learned "wall" and went all over the house saying "wall" and pointing to the walls!

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