Monday, September 7, 2015

Meeting Baby Clark

 Last weekend we went to meet my new nephew: Clark Robert Shotwell!!  Born to Jenny and Dalton about 3 weeks ago.  Here are the girls with the little sweetie at my dad's.

 I went to Jenny's for a few hours on my own and hung out while she and Clark lounged around.  It was a really nice time and is one of the main drawbacks of living in Vancouver...I can't just do that anytime I want!  (Well I couldn't even if I didn't live here...hello, I have 3 children of my own!)  We just sat and chatted and listened to music, I changed his diaper, and Dalton brought us food (thanks Dalton!)  Clark is so newborn-y soft and snuggly!! (but nope, I don't want one of my own again!!!)
Congratulations Jenny and Dalton!  I'm looking forward to our kids having fun growing up together!!

Unfortunately Hosea got sick while we were there, so we only saw Clark the one day, and I didn't get any pictures of the 2 boys together.  Hosea was curious, though, and looked humungous next to Clark! Poor Hosea got stung by a bee that weekend, spiked a fever, and also Dad and I took him to the ER that night when he had seizure-like behaviour that was absolutely terrifying!!!!!  I will get a US medical bill to match, I'm sure.  Oh well, it'll be worth it, I thought he was maybe dying...yikes I can barely type that.

Anyway, welcome Clark!!!!! We are so excited to have you here!!!
This is a sweet photo, thanks for posting it on facebook, Jenny :-)  Aunt Megan with her nephew!!!

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