Monday, September 7, 2015

Grade One Starts Tomorrow!

Our little Greta Bessie is getting bigger and bigger, looking like a real school-age CHILD!!!  And she has the language and sass to match these days too. Tomorrow she will re-unite with her school friends and find out who her Grade One teacher will be.

Therese will start at her new preschool this week too.  And I will start my new morning work shift (I'll have to re-train myself to go to bed earlier than midnight!  I will miss that...but I won't miss feeling preoccupied about getting ready for work all morning with the I can just get it over with and be home after school!!)

The girls stayed a bit longer at Grandpa Dan's and Grandma Linda's last weekend.  Linda bought them some clothes, including this scarf Greta is wearing.  The other day I heard her tell a friend how special this scarf was, and that if anything happened to it she would cry for a whole day because it was so special and from her Grandma :-) Therese then said the same thing about her scarf, and that if she lost hers she'd cry for DAYS!!!  The girls always have a blast with my dad and Linda, and get totally spoiled, as they should with their grandparents!  They did some berry picking, lots of tickle tag, art with Grandma, sports watching with Grandpa, visiting parks, watching movies with popcorn and ice cream and blackberry cobbler, jumping on the air mattress, and going to the movie theatre!  They didn't want to come home! (Greta, though, cried when I left her there, as expected, and then of course was sullen the first day home because she wished she was still with her grandparents!!!! Of COURSE!)  It was also special for them because they got to visit with Great Grandma Hope and Great Grandpa Harry.  Apparently they oohed and aahed over all the pretty decorations there.  I can just see it :-)

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