Monday, September 7, 2015

End of Summer Fun

 All summer long I was looking forward to our neighbourhood's first block party.  A couple weeks ago we had's Therese getting her face painted there by our friend Kristie.
 She has a cute name tag too.
 A painting project at the block party...
 A fire truck came for the kids to see and get to sit on!

 Firefighter Therese!

 A "cupcake" walk!

 We were at the party from 4:20-10!!!  All day we enjoyed various activities: face painting, painting signs, sidewalk chalk, games, a scavenger hunt, a potluck, a firetruck visit, a cupcake walk, s'mores by a pretend campfire, and then later a dance party!  Here's the dance party complete with some strobe lights and a disco ball.  Wow, we had a blast!

 Taking a little break...Therese spent a lot of time dancing with our neighbour (literally, she lives in the unit next to us) Kiera.
 Greta danced lots with Gracie.

 We are already looking forward to next summer's block party--apparently it is set to be a yearly tradition from now on!
 Meanwhile...the girls had a blast at home with their nannies Andra and Nancy for the summer!  One day when I got home they had layered themselves with ridiculous costumes (and it was super hot outside, I don't know how they could handle it!)

 Whew! Look at that room!  I think they'd had a fun afternoon...

We got lucky being able to keep our nanny from the spring, Andra--she's in her mid-twenties and a master's student (or graduate already? not sure...) and lives in the neighbourhood.  She loves to have dance parties with the girls and Hosea always has a good time with her.

Our other nanny this summer was Nancy.  She has teenagers and is a 3rd grade teacher who wanted a little extra work over the summer.  I was especially grateful for her this summer because she also likes to keep things tidy, and was so thoughtful about helping with laundry and other chores without me even asking her to!  The kids loved her right away and I think we were all sad when she had her last day a week ago.  Maybe next summer our paths will cross again...
 Yesterday we went to the PNE--a usual end of summer activity for us.  Hosea got to try out this tractor.   We watched a mermaid and pirate show, pet animals, ate lots of treats, and went on some rides.  It was a lot of fun and we didn't get home till pretty late!
 Lately Hosea likes to help me clean!  Here he is with the broom :-)
 Oh, he also cleans up his appearance pretty well :-) A friend at work gave me a bunch of boys clothes she was getting rid of and this hat is adorable!!! Today he actually chose to put it on to go outside.  He is really a sweetheart.

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