Wednesday, August 19, 2015

August Around Here

 The summer has been going by quickly, and now it's nearly over!!  It's hard to believe Greta will start Grade 1 (as they call it in Canada) in just a few short weeks.  Here she is at the park practicing some strange balances the other day--she kept saying "Mama, look at this one!" and being in new, interested one-legged poses holding various things!
 If found this at a thrift store in our neighbourhood one Saturday not too long ago.  I played with one at my Grandma Hope's (I think), in her "study" as a child--with my sister and with my cousins.  All the records work still!  It's from 1971.  No batteries, no electricity, just wind it up and play the songs.  Each record has 2 songs.  The kids have enjoyed it, and I plan on keeping it no matter how old they are!
 One of Hosea's favorite spots to be is in this chair reading to himself or having stories read to him.  There is one book he is SOOOO into lately, it's called "Beep".  It's actually Therese's book that she picked at a thrift store when she was younger, but she is nearly always willing to let Hosea take possession of it for long periods of time.  It has many pictures of different kinds of vehicles, and flaps to lift.  He loves it and when he first discovered it he would look at it with much more focus than he'd ever given to anything!
One of his summer nannies, Nancy, apparently lifts him up sometimes when a truck or something loud drives by, and now he demands it all the time!  He doesn't want to miss out!

 It's always funny to dress him up a little bit like a girl (sorry Hosea, not just your sisters enjoy this!!)  I remember dressing up my younger "brother"...cousin Michael...often with my sister when we were kids. Hosea is in for it! (and he loves all the attention anyway!)

 Anna, from Frozen.  It's hilarious when he runs around in this!!!
 He discovered a nice little secret place to hang out!  He was so pleased with himself the first time he tried this!
 A couple weeks ago we went up to Lynn Valley Canyon and hiked around.  Maybe next summer we'll make it camping, even if it's just for a night.  The kids had fun exploring...but it was a provincial holiday so it was SUPER busy...not exactly a peaceful outing in the woods!  The stream we visited toward the end of our day was a real  hit with everyone...too tempting not to go in and get wet!

 Hosea is really serious when it comes to drinking water and milk.  Look at that face up there!  He chugs it, furrows his eyebrows, means business.

 Balancing on some logs.

 This is a sweet picture of the girls.  They usually get along so well and the summer has been great for them getting to spend more time together.  Much of the day they sit at the table and color pictures, or they play dress up, or they play with their little lalaloopsie dolls or princess barbies.  Sometimes they have pulled out the classic "copying" each other recently, and I can tell Greta is getting that "older sister vibe" more and more (I should know, I had it!)...but overall they are good friends.  It is fun to watch.
 The girls had a pretty much all day birthday party at an amusement park in the beginning of August, so I took Hosea to Granville Island.  The park there has a water feature, and it didn't take him long to get wet and muddy!  He found a shovel and discovered some way to snap it back and fling mud all over his face, and he carefully observed how it felt and how it happened and did it over and over.  Many people commented on how much fun it looked like he was having (and I was also surprised by how many of those people also made a point to not let their kids get wet!)  Anyway, it was fun to have some special time just with him.

 A cute little video of Hosea and his communication.
 Don't take pictures of me when I'm sleeping!!!

Ok, ok.
 Just one more!!

You know how they look when they're peaceful and beautiful and you just want to capture the moment...but a camera with a flash just can't do it.  Oh well.
 A great park a friend drove us all too called Terra Nova.  It's made out of all natural materials and it is beautiful!  Greta and her friend Railli found some blackberry bushes, and here is Therese with her good friend Ryder.

Greta has a really good friend Gracie who she has seen many times over the summer--she lives in our neighbourhood.  Anyway, when they get together and are walking somewhere they hold hands! It is so sweet.
 I've been biking to work a lot this summer.  It is fantastic!!!
 Well, this is just a scene from my bike route.  Nothing too special, but if you can kind of see ahead there are mountains, and I am gliding down this hill toward the beach and the mountains, getting ready to cross a bridge over some beautiful water.  How could a commute get much better than that?
 Mirror fun at Science World!

 It was so adorable seeing all of these little Therese's together!!

 Greta like this kind of kalaidescope situation.  She spent a long time experimenting there in her tye-dyed shirt!  Perfectly Greta.

 Some interesting art Therese made, 3 pages taped together with a variety of drawings and a cake.
 Here's the other end of it.
 And here's something similar Greta made: it's a cake shoppe apparently.  (Sorry, I can't figure out how to rotate it!)

 Cutie pies!
 More cutie pies!
 One day in July I brought the girls to work with me.  My students were studying how to do art with young children, and most of them had found a place to do some observations of this happening, but one student couldn't find a place.  So, my girls came, and this student, Zeenat, brought her children and a friend of their's as well, and did lots of art with them! It was fun to have them there, and I think they enjoyed it too.
Lately Greta likes to spell-speak to us her answers to questions "N-O" or "Y-E-S"...Therese has tried to do the same but it's just really confusing!  She'll say "N-Yes" while shaking her head!!!
 At Maple Grove Park during a July "Music in the Park" Friday night event.  Those were really fun!  We always saw many friends there and spent lots of time running around and enjoying the music and the chatting and the snacks near the much loved pool.
 In July the girls did a more laid back version of "Vacation Bible School" at our old church.  Here they are ready for their beach day there.

 Spikey hair there is happening without any coaxing from me!
 Hosea loves to come up really close to cars and point to them and talk about them and examine their tires. Then if he sees someone getting into the car and leaving he waves and says "Buh! Buh!"

One way Hosea likes to show affection is by giving people raspberries.  It is so funny!  He gives me raspberries on my face, my arms, my legs...same to Papa, same to the girls, and he's really good at it!  (Sometimes he attempts to get his teeth in there too, which isn't so good...!)
 Sticks are always fun, aren't they?

Some new words Hosea has now: "dee dee"--an all purpose term for something like "I want it"
"Ma" for milk, and "Ba" for his water bottle, or anyone's water bottle that he dee dees!!  Also he can say Greta pretty well now, and still calls Therese TT.  He has a few other words I think, but these are the ones we hear the most!
Little Miss Pizzazz, at her friend Ryder's house.  I was so amused when I saw Therese come out in this costume and pose like this!

We got our Permanent Residence this summer...end of July!  We are in Canada securely for pretty much however long we want to be.  Thank goodness.  We like it here!

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