Thursday, July 9, 2015

School's out for Summer!!

 Recently Hosea has sometimes joined the girls in the bath...he used to be deathly afraid of this activity, but now urgently begs to join in!!! He likes to stand and splash and put his hands under the running tap.
 Therese finished her first year of preschool!  Marineview Preschool is now closing, after 40 years.  So we are a bit sad and not sure what she'll do next year, but there are several good options in the neighbourhood to look into.  She'll miss Mrs. Lisa and Mrs. Allison, though!
 Our little climber.  He climbs on everything now, you really have to watch him carefully!!!
After a particularly dirty morning!!! Dirt snot, the best.
And below is a post I put on facebook recently, connected to this photo:

"My heart is slowly learning what my head already knew: little boys are different. Hosea is so much more work than my girls ever were at this age!!! Climbing on everything, rarely playing with actual "toys", grabbing at people, needing more help sleeping, and did I mention CLIMBING ON EVERYTHING?!!! Tonight putting all 3 to bed on my own--after a long day, a stomach ache, and plenty of worries--was a real test for my nerves. I "let him cry" for awhile, only to be paranoid that our neighbours would complain about our noise! Then when that didn't work I got him back up, to join in with story time for the girls, only to have them complain about his, well, climbing on them (among other things), and only to allow one more chance for him to loudly drop or throw hard toys onto our very un-soundproofed wood floors at a sensitive time of day! Finally, the girls down, I went back and succumbed to the "well, I might as well rock him to sleep". He quickly snuggled up to me like a little koala, arms around my middle, happily closing his eyes and smiling and drifting off to dreamland. Whew! That was a moment (almost) worth all the trouble"
wink emoticon
 Therese and Hosea have a special bond.  She is so very sweet with him and he often comes up to her and hugs her.  Don't get me wrong, he loves Greta too, but she doesn't get the hugs and affection "Deh Deh!" does!
 A favourite climbing spot in our room...
 And it's so cute when he climbs up there with a book and sits and reads it...looks like he's tired here!
 Oh!  Time to get down!
 I was feeling a little sad on the last day of kindergarten for Greta 2 or 3 weeks's the last snack and lunch pack of the year!
Wow, that went by way. too. fast.
 Last day of kindergarten!!!
 Missing teeth!
 I love this photo of her, so cute.

(also, this is the calamine lotion phase...notice the legs? the girls were getting so many mosquito bites a few weeks ago and always wanting me to put lotion on them!!)
 On the last day of school I kept it together and did not cry in the classroom as I looked through Greta's kindergarten scrap book.  She was very proud to show it off.
 She did so much work this year and learned so much!
 Close to the end of the school year Greta became very concerned about making sure she had returned all of her school library books.  I think the school was encouraging the children to remember!  However, one night as she was trying to go to sleep she got all wound up about it and came out crying when she realized there was one library book still in our home!  It was 10 at night and she wanted to walk to the school right then and there and turn it in!!!! She was sobbing and it took awhile to console her.  Poor thing was worried sick about it.  In the morning she was better, turned it in, and all was fine.  Mrs. Tornroos was not upset at all!!!
 Here my friend Andrea, Eric's mom, is presented Ms. Hales with the class's gift to her.

She really is a special teacher and Greta will miss her.  I am hoping our other two will get to be in her class...finger's crossed we can stay in Canada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Greta might join Ms. Hales ukelele club next year.

Apparently at pick up time--Matthew was there--Ms. Hales told him, "You know, you have a really special, beautiful girl there...really you do!"  Her progress report is marked with ALL (but one) "exceeds expectations" (EXCEPT for with invented spelling she "meets expectations" big deal).  Yes I am a proud mama!!!
 A great shot of Hosea and Therese hanging out at Gracie's house...there's another one at the end...not sure why they are appearing in this order, but I'm too tired to care right now.
Enjoy the photo!  It's precious.

Recently Therese said about Hosea, in fun, "He's just a little monster today!"  :-)

He's a sweetheart.  One thing the little monster does like to do lately is feed other people--share his food with them.  Also, he's super into looking at wheels on cars parked outside, watching them drive by, and spotting big trucks.  My big boy!!!
 A couple days before the last day of school was Sports Day.  Here's a picture of Therese running in a preschool race at the school.  SHE had a sports day at her preschool too, but I failed to take any pictures.  Sorry Therese.  Life has been crazy lately, Little One.  I know you'll forgive me :-)
 She won a ribbon!  (she was tired! and I put blue face paint on her that morning at Greta's request so she could also be part of Greta's blue team!)
 Greta, waiting for the sports day to between Lucy and Marlow.
 3-legged race with Lucy!
 Lucy and Greta...great friends.  They are a bit of a 3-some along with their friend Gracie.  Recently at Music in the Park they totally abandoned all their parents and just hung out by themselves chit chatting the whole time!!!

 Such a cute shot of Therese and Hosea sitting at Gracie's house.

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  1. very cute, megan! i took some pictures yesterday that i'll send to you. i got an especially cute one of hosea! :)