Thursday, June 4, 2015

Heading Into Summer

Some after school pictures at the playground.

Some good quotables of Therese's lately:
While playing a game with Papa she told him "Check yourself, you dirty rat!" and also "I know I'm gonna win, I feel it in my heart!"

She also said to me recently, about Papa, "...and he sometimes puts candy on my plate...but since you don't let me have candy very much I won't make you do it."

Baby attack!!!

With Lucy and Gracie too.  These are Greta's good friends.

Hosea's trying to mix it up with the big boys!

For Greta's Kindergarten teacher, Ms. Hales, the class put together a book of the children's drawings for her.  This is what Greta drew: she is at a desk working and Ms. Hales is the one standing up.  She has really enjoyed this teacher, I can't believe Kindergarten is nearly over!!!

One fun thing Greta gets to do in her class is every once and awhile take this bear Howard home for the night.  He comes home in his special backpack, with his own sleeping things, and some toys, and a pad of paper where Greta has to draw a picture and write about what she's done with him during his visit.  This was  her second time having Howard over and she spent a lot of time writing and drawing about it, and we included this picture as well in the book so she could share it with her class the next day at school.

This guy cannot be trusted with many things!!! If he gets his hands on a marker he quickly takes the felt part out and tries to eat it or otherwise ruin it by sucking all the ink out and getting it all over the place!  Here he has succeeded with a pink one.  Trouble Trouble Trouble with a capitol T!
Tonight as he went to bed I noticed he had several colours of marker all over his feet and legs.  Wow, bubba.

Also, he can climb on the futon, the bed, and the ottoman now. He can also reach the table--we have to be more careful about putting hot drinks and knives far toward the middle! One other trick he likes to do is drink water and then spit it all over himself until he's drenched.  This is relatively harmless...but then today I saw him doing it with his milk.  Not okay!!!

He likes to use toy brushes or real hair brushes to brush his hair...and then he likes to do it to my hair or his sisters' too (although it usually ends with him hitting us with it...)

Look at those lashes!

Greta did this little set up for her Barbie the other night and I thought it was so cute.

His first popsicle! He loved it.

A student of mine, Zeenat, brought back these little Russian dolls for me when she went to visit Leavenworth with her family recently.  I had seen something similar when another student brought some in and demonstrated using them as a math activity for children...Zeenat knew I loved them, and she knew I had a fondness for Leavenworth, so she very thoughtfully brought these (and saltwater taffy!) back for me.  The girls really enjoyed playing with them, there are 10! The last one is soooooo tiny.

Post-water spitting.

Today he tried to climb over the edge of the bathtub head first into the shower I was having! He started crying out "Na! Na!" urgently and I looked and he was dangling over head first!  I quickly moved him and he was fine.  No crying or anything.

He often wants to colour like the girls do.  Here they all are working together on colouring a paper under the table.

He likes to climb, have I mentioned that? Only, he often doesn't know how to get down!  Here he is stuck on top of a box he'd climbed onto.  I heard him calling for helped and then dared to take a picture first! (I think he was a bit amused by this!)
Greta drew this picture of all of us the other day.  Apparently she's the shorter girl--she's bending down helping Hosea.
And Therese drew this of she and Greta being crazy.
A set of seasons girls Greta drew one morning recently.  What a great idea!

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