Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Therese's Birthday Party

Therese had her birthday party one week later than earlier expected...and I think she had nearly forgotten it was coming!  On the way home from church, when discussing the party that would start in 2 hours, the girls decided it would be a "Fairy Party" and that they would make fairy decorations.  That led me to experience more stress...thinking "Why didn't you suggest this a long time ago?"...but they happily made a few decorations while I cleaned and we readied the snacks.
Greta made this banner, it says "Welcome to Therese is party" :-)
And Therese made and cut out this set of 3 fairies.  I hung the banner and fairies above the window with the Happy Birthday sign.  It looked quite festive!

Ryder, Therese and Axel playing with the marble tracks.
And Rose too...
It was a relaxed party.  Some art at first (colouring fairies...a last minute idea Matthew had!), playing with toys, eating snacks and cupcakes, and a child initiated game of hide and seek, along with me joining in to help keep it going!
Greta was really mature for this birthday.  She let Therese have the centre of attention and didn't make jealous scenes about birthday presents.  She was great!  She is more outgoing than Therese and spent a lot of time playing with Therese's friends!  During the second half of the party Therese was into her new presents at the table and didn't socialize much at all...not anti-social, but just needing some quiet and concentration I think.
(Look at that little bubba in the background!)

Up for some birthday party fun for sure!
And there's Evelyn at the other end of the table.

Even though I told them they could go and have some free time, all the moms stayed and chatted.  I think it was relaxing for them to just sit and chit chat in someone else's house while their children were busy having fun!

Time to open presents!

It was a fun party!  I know Therese felt extra special when it was finally time for it!  Our big 4 year old :-)

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