Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Little Artists...Colouring Contest Winners!

This is a banner Therese made awhile ago when she was pretending to play cake shoppe.  She had me write "Welcome to the cake store" and she drew some very fancy cakes!
Remember the colouring contest the girls entered at the pool recently? Well a few days ago I got a phone call saying Therese was one of the winners!  I thought it was so great!  She was really excited to see what her prize might be...like a toy, a trophy...well, it was some chocolate.  Oh well.  She won!
I was a little concerned at how Greta would react to the news, because she always prides herself on being an artist.
Later that same day I got another phone call: Greta was ALSO one of the winners!!  They must've chosen some for each age group!  I was so glad, and so was Greta.
The girls worked so hard on these pictures.
Maybe someday this little guy will be an artist too? These photos are to show how incredibly adorable his outfit was on him the other day: the shirt has elephants on it, it is so cute on him.

Oh!  Too cute!!!!!!!!!
Look at that face!

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