Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Greta the Photographer

A few days ago Greta took the camera and did some photographing around the house.  She caught some cute shots of Hosea...it seems she was his shadow for awhile!

Catching him trying to get into the office!

And......get on outta here little mister!

"Nnnaa NnnnAAAH!!!" about something, I'm sure.

Therese was having a sleep in (I think it was Saturday...definitely too relaxed for a weekday morning!)

And...to the bathroom...

Back to bother Sleeping Beauty :-)

Greta told Matthew something how now we have 2 of these family pictures!
This wasn't a Greta shot, obviously, but it was a big tower the girls built and pretended to be Yertle the Turtle for awhile (king of all they saw!) Hosea wanted up too!

Movie night...Hosea was trusted with popcorn for the first time.  Quite a moment.  I'm always picking it up off the floor so he can't eat it (worried he'll choke!)...but this night we decided to give it a try and he was capable, and loved it (but is a super terror during movie night, snatching everyone's food and getting the carpet disgusting!)
Little trouble, going for a camera grab (if it was someone's face he'd be trying to claw it!)
Some cute pictures of Greta (she doesn't like to get her picture taken so it's nice to see these where she's kind of natural--crazy, but natural!)

I love this picture.  So cute.

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