Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Greta Loses Her First Tooth!

A few days ago after getting all ready for bed and having her teeth brushed Greta messed with one of her wiggly ones a bit more and then exclaimed about having lost it!!!! It was a very exciting moment at the Bradsher household.
Showing the tooth.

She was really in awe of the tooth and the whole experience.  It bled quite a lot, but she didn't cry or get upset.  She bravely rinsed it and did as we suggested.
Therese was so happy for her!  She kept telling Greta about how now the tooth fairly would come, calling her "Geta", as she does so cutely.
This is a picture Greta made for the tooth fairy.  She didn't want her to actually take the tooth, because she wanted to get a tooth necklace from school...and she didn't want the fairy to visit until the NEXT night.  So here's a note she made her, along with the green tooth necklace she got from school.
It has so much detail: the black and white curtains, the dresser...
...the blankets are just the right colours and the pillows at the top correspond with the pillows the girls use.
"Please don't take my tooth.  Thank you, From (Form) Greta"
A sleepy, but excited, big girl the next morning with her toonie ($2)!  She wants to save the money up for some more tiny lalaloopsy dolls.  She'll need to lose about 4 more teeth, but I'm sure she can reach her goal! :-)

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  1. wow! can't wait to see that toothless smile on saturday!