Monday, April 20, 2015

Therese Turns 4!

Therese posing by the cupcakes she took to preschool on her 4th birthday! (I tried to get a smile, but she may have been disappointed at this point that I did her cupcakes WRONG: she wanted plain cake with pink and blue icing! NOT blue cake with pink icing...oh it's hard to get it right no matter how many times I clarify!!! I swear, she messes with me!)
At preschool they gave her a birthday crown!

She still has soft rounded baby cheeks, even at age 4!  So cute.
Thursdays are busy: preschool and dance class!

Greta also has dance class on Thursdays...and swim lessons!

4 years old!!!
During Greta's dance class Therese and Hosea hung out with Papa in the playroom at the community centre.  It's great because all the classes just take place right down the street from us.

This guy was a real disaster for several days last week...apparently getting at least 3 new teeth all at the same time.  He does NOT handle it well.  He wanted to be held much of the time, and even then was often inconsolable.  Chewing on frozen bread was the only thing that really helped for very long.

Chubby cheeks and a dimple :-)

Probably the one smile of the whole day!!! What a little sweetie.

Looking up to her sister for sure...

Happy Birthday to you!
She blew all the candles out at once!

Greta got her some really small dollies with curly hair...
...and we got her this Paw Patrol sleeping bag.  She'd been asking for a sleeping bag since Christmas!  Originally she wanted a princess one (like Greta has), but recently the girls have been really into this show called Paw Patrol, so I asked her if she'd like this kind of sleeping bag (knowing it existed and also knowing I don't like to continually reinforce the princess thing!!)...we set it out on her bed first thing in the morning and she was happy.  Here she is at the end of a busy birthday sleeping in it.

Our favourite things about Therese:
Papa "She's kind and friendly"
Greta "She's nice, and when she's pretending to go to a contest and says 'I win!', that's pretty cute"
Mama "The way at bedtime when I say 'I love you little one', she says 'I love you TOO, mama' "
And we all agreed we love her generosity, singing and dancing, and sense of humour!!!

Therese was a little confused that she didn't have her party on her birthday like Greta did.  It didn't matter how many times I explained it just ended up like that because Greta's birthday was on a Saturday, and hers was in the middle of the week!  She was disappointed, frustrated and confused :-(

Oh make matters worse, on the day of her birthday party (which was supposed to be yesterday, Sunday) she was sick.  At church she fell asleep leaning up against me, and here she is laying on the floor under the table at home!  So, 1 hour before the party we had to cancel!  Fortunately everyone can come next Sunday :-)
Sleeping with a high fever.
She was really, really mad and sad about us having to cancel.  To make up for it I went and bought her a few more of those little dollies she likes, and of course we all got to enjoy extra cupcakes.

Poor Therese!!
Today she seems to be better, but we're just letting her watch shows and relax.  Last week Greta had something similar and I think she over-did it.  She had a fever for about 5 days!!
I think Therese thought today we would have her party.  She was pretty angry this morning when she realized we had to wait another 6 I made her a little mini-calendar to let her mark off the time. Maybe that'll help!

Happy Birthday sweet Therese!!!

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