Friday, April 3, 2015

Papa's Birthday

Hosea wearing a doll bonnet that I used to play with when I was little (it's very pretty and has a beautiful matching dress, by the way!)
I couldn't resist putting this on him and snapping a couple pictures. Too bad the dress didn't fit him (ha!)
Greta has swimming lessons twice a week at the pool down the street.  Recently we saw they were putting on a colouring contest, so the girls decided to enter it too.  They were SO EXCITED after swimming lessons to get started on the contest!  I always have them both shower and put their pajamas on after Greta's class, so they were all ready for bed, but I could tell we were making good time and they really wanted to get colouring! Therese kept saying to Greta, "We're gonna WIN this contest down, right Greta?!"
This was a gift Greta made for Matthew for his birthday.  (I can't remember what was inside!)
This was on the back.  For his birthday Therese said her favourite thing about Papa is "That Biggie always wrestles me! And Biggie's special!" and Greta said "Papa is funny!" (Yes, hilarious actually, thank goodness!)
For Matthew's birthday I was on spring break from work, so we kept the girls out of school that day so we could all be together (they had just had 2 weeks of spring break, but I had had to backwards!!!) and we went to a really nice indoor pool.  We had a great time.  Then we went to Greta's kindergarten conference, where she showed us a lot of her work from the year.
Therese made this for me and was SO excited for me to open it and find the Barbie keychain and a twisted pipe cleaner!  The other day on the bus from preschool she said "I can't wait to see your outfit for work, Mama" and I asked her "Why is that?" and she said, shyly leaning into me, "Because whenever I see you, you're so pretty!"  Oh, what a sweet thing to say.
The girls are really into THEIR outfits too, and have adopted the habit of setting their clothes out the night before, socks and everything! All laid out on the floor and ready to wear by bedtime.  It is helpful too!!

The other night Therese was getting ready for bed, and all of the sudden appeared in the kitchen wearing a head lamp flashing light and looking very intent.  I said to her, "Therese, are you looking for something?" and she said, without skipping a beat, "Yeah, my magic" and then proceeded to look under the heater.  Those little moments are so fun!

Another special moment recently also happened at bedtime: Greta discovered that she had a loose tooth!!!  She said "You know how I know? Cause when I touch it, it wiggles!!!" She soon found another one, and then was awake for 2 hours preoccupied by the whole thing!  They're still in her mouth as she approaches her 6th birthday tomorrow.

We just watched the video Jenny and Dalton put together of Greta's birth--it's a treasure and always surprises me with it's ability to make me cry so suddenly! Anyway, it is so significant in the way it catches Matthew and I absolutely on the brink of the complete life-changing moment of having kids.  Our home in the video looked so tidy, so spacious, so peaceful.  Our faces so youthful, our countenances so light and airy.  A lot has happened in 6 years.  Wow!!!  I can say this for sure, though, I sure am glad it's not 6 years ago right now, cause I'd been in labour for 18 hours and still had 4 more to go at this point!

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