Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Greta's Easter Birthday Weekend!

Greta turned 6 a couple days ago!!! She had these friends over: Hester, Lucy, Gracie, Olivia and Marlow.  Therese was a full participant in the party festivities too.
Greta wanted to also invite Eric and Matthew, but they had a boy party they were going to...so on Easter Monday Eric took Greta out to do some pottery painting and go for a cookie! They've been friends since they were 1, so it was nice they got to do something special together even though he couldn't be at her party.
Greta wanted to do an Easter themed party.  Here are the girls colouring large Easter eggs (we were going to paint real ones, but got overwhelmed and decided to opt for something a bit easier...actually, Matthew cut out tons of strips of paper for them to use to decorate these eggs but most of the girls just wanted to colour them! this bunch of girls is really into drawing)
The girls also made cotton tails for a game they would play later.
Cupcake time!  Greta wanted pink cupcakes.

Little bubba enjoyed having all the girls over!  They gave him a lot of attention from time to time.
His pointing is so cute.  Also, while Greta is getting ready to lose a couple of teeth, he has been a disaster waiting for several new teeth to come in...hopefully they will arrive soon so he can feel better!

We had an Easter egg hunt after playing Pin the Tail on the Bunny.  This was a real hit!
Afterwards we also had egg-on-spoon races (not so much of a hit) and then a few rounds of "hot egg" in the living room before the parents came back.

All in all it was a lovely little party.  It is always stressful getting ready, but everything went smoothly and I think everyone had fun--especially Greta.
Greta recently went to Marlow's house after school where she did a spa treatment...she was so excited to tell us all about it.  Well, for her birthday Marlow got Greta one of these kits.  She went right to it after the party.  There's a foot soaking tub, salts and fizzes, scrubbers, nail polish and nail stickers.

Greta is not into sharing, especially when something is brand new, and Therese was a really good sport about it.  She sat and watched Greta and said things like "Wow, your toes are going to be so pretty when you're done!"...knowing full well SHE wasn't going to get a turn any time soon.

After this shot she added some of her shiny jewel stickers too.
We hadn't had enough cake or sweets that day ;-) so we also had a birthday cake after dinner.  I think you've got to hear the birthday song a few times on your special day!!
Happy Birthday Greta!
Our favourite things about you are: "Because you're my sister", Therese
"Your enthusiasm for life", Papa
and me, "Your love for puddles and mud and getting all into it and messy!"
(it was fitting because the day before her birthday she was out with a couple of friends at the park, Alexander and Eric, and they--and especially she--got super messy and wet in some of the mud puddles.  the other moms there pointed out how appropriate that seemed for her last day of being 5, it was so "Greta".  i could tell on the way home a hint of change, though, because she began to complain of being cold, and wanting to put dry clothes on!  in the past this wouldn't have phased her!...will this old way morph into something else? is this part of Greta going to be left behind in the first 5 years? hmmm, we shall see.)

(i see a little bit of a 6 year old jam face...!)

The usual climbing on Papa!

And getting tickled!
And getting raspberries on the cheeks!
And the tummy :-)
Easter was the next day.  So, that evening Greta said she wanted to make a thank you note for the Easter Bunny.  Earlier that day Matthew had been joking about how he's actually the Easter Bunny...Greta said during the process of making her note "Well I don't THINK Papa's the Easter Bunny, but maybe he is..."
It was a double sided note. I wrote all of her dictation, she wrote "From Greta"
Greta recalled having gotten her Easter basket in this very spot last year, so she decided that was the best place to leave the note.  Wow, good memory!
For the party Greta decided to make name tags for everyone.  I noticed at bed time that Therese had hung hers up near her bed, but at first I wasn't sure it was the tag from the party because the printing was so incredibly neat!  I asked about it and Therese said it was the one Greta had made her.  I said "Wow, Greta, your printing looks like a teacher's printing!" and it was as if I had given her the greatest compliment ever! She said "Really? Wow, thanks Mama" in complete awe of the idea.  It was a nice little moment. (she has been complimented by her teacher for her neat writing too, i think it's very important to Greta to print and draw neatly)
Easter baskets!
He didn't get candy...just a basket with a couple plastic eggs.  But I did notice him discovering jelly beans that the girls had accidentally dropped throughout the day!
Remember those scraps of paper the girls didn't use for the Easter Birthday craft? Well our Easter Bunny put them to good use in the baskets.  (and then Hosea's were promptly spread all over the floor...)
Candy time.  Focused!
I think Therese is about to have a chocolate induced sneeze here.  All 3 of our children sneeze when they eat chocolate (so does Matthew!)
He likes to play this little recorder...and can actually make music with it!  He did this while watching the girls eat their candy, a little mood music :-)
On our way to church, waiting for the bus.  It was a nice, but cold, morning.

On the bus, looking as cute as can be!

In his throne at church :-) Wearing a tie for the first time.  So adorable.

Happy Easter!

Tonight at bedtime we finished Little House in the Big Woods, from the copies of the series I had when I was a kid.  I had forgotten how good the books are, and so interesting too.  I really liked the ending, after Mary learns what auld lang syne means when her Pa sings the song: "She was glad the cosy house, and Pa and Ma and the firelight and the music, were now.  They could not be forgotten, she thought, because now is now.  It can never be a long time ago." What a well written though, and a good reminder to be grateful.  Sometimes I get so caught up with the stress of life, money, time, busy-ness of having little children...
It was so fun reading that first book in the series to the girls.  I hope they will remember it as I'm sure I will.

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  1. we finished that book recently as well! i wish i still had mine from childhood. ida and poppy really liked it. :)