Monday, March 16, 2015

Weekends Away!

Over the past month or so Matthew and I have been gifted with 2 weekends on our own, with just Hosea.  The girls went to visit Grandpa Dan and Grandma Linda a few weeks ago for 3 nights, and just yesterday they returned from a weekend away with Nana Kaka and Grandpa Shayne!  We are very thankful for these more peaceful moments (honestly, we're just getting into it when they return! sure, we miss them, but the time in peace is absolutely priceless!)...and we know the girls are making fantastic memories.  Maybe in a year or so Hosea can came along too :-)

For their weekend with the MacDonald Grandparents, the girls had great fun on outings such as the ice cream parlour and Chuck E. Cheese!  Grandma Linda set up lots of crafts for them to do, which they totally love, and they also made Valentine's cupcakes!  They had such a blast there and were talking about it for weeks afterwards.  They also got to visit their Great Grandparents Hope and Harry, which was special all the way around.  (No pictures, too bad!) The stuffies they brought back from Great Grandma Hope have been a favourite lately.

The pictures on this post are from their recent trip to Great Wolf Lodge in Washington.  It's a hotel with an indoor water park and all kinds of rides and fun things for kids!  Nana Kaka and Grandpa Shayne took them as a gift for their upcoming birthdays.  They were looking forward to it for awhile, and had such a wonderful time.

I think the first few pictures are of the inside of their hotel room...apparently their bunk-beds were inside a "tent" with their very own TV.  Fancy.

Unfortunately Greta had a high fever the evening of the first day with her Grandparents, and these pictures of her show that in her eyes.  She had some tylenol so she could push through and enjoy the adventure...poor thing!

 Poor Greta! She looks so tired...and so NOT like "Happy Spring!"
It seems like this is the only picture ever where Greta and Therese look so much alike! Their facial expressions here are so similar.
This was the first night--the girls stayed at Nana Kaka and Grandpa Shayne's house.  They had been looking forward to playing with these blocks my mom has there.
And of course, what visit to Nana Kaka's is complete without trying on her crowns, clip on earrings, and other fancy jewelry? :-)

On the way to meet my mom (and also my dad, for that trip) in Bellingham the girls really wanted to listen to my Taylor Swift CD--up really loud too!  I don't stay up to date on pop music, I don't listen to the radio, but somewhere somehow I got into Taylor Swift's newest CD.  I used to play it a lot, and the girls--especially Therese--love to dance and jump around to fact all 3 of us girls love to do that!  In the car they say things like "Oh I love this next song!" and Therese loves to quote some of the lyrics--that at this point she has NO understanding of--"I can make the bad guys good for a weekend" is her favourite, also "Darling I'm a nightmare dressed as a daydream"...pretty hilarious coming from an almost 4 year old!

A few other random stories about our children recently: Therese hid behind the chair in the living room with a ping pong paddle when she was worried Greta wouldn't let her wear a dress that was actually Greta's, but was in Therese's drawer on accident...we had told her it would be ok for the day since Papa had made a mistake, but Therese knew Greta wouldn't like it!!! Therese didn't end up needing the paddle ;-) We helped her. Those girls can really get at each other!  The other day Greta said "I wish I had just a brother and not a sister.  I'm tired of her!" when Therese wouldn't let her use the third couch cushion the way she wanted to.  Yikes! That was harsh.  I made sure to talk to Greta about that and I could tell she knew it was going too far. I mean, how can she treat her sister, someone who says to Papa, "And that's an order! Don't make me say it again!" (jokingly) in such a way? ;-)  Well I know...I'm an older sister.  I know all about the possessiveness, the leave-me-alone-ness, etc.  And I too know all about the hot and cold dynamics of having a sister!  And people always said "Just wait, someday you two will be the best of friends!"...and really, it's true.  And really, the girls are the best of friends, and much of the time enjoy each other so much.  I think it's partly school that separates them out and distinguishes them too much.  I've noticed on this Spring Break that they are definitely fighting, but they are also really getting into playing with each other again.  On the way home from Bellingham last night they were laughing and making jokes so much together, it was so sweet!

And speaking of sweet...what about our little bubba? He is doing well, and I think may be getting a third and fourth tooth soon.  He is walking like a pro...practically running, actually, and he loves to practice his pivot turns!  Sometimes he walks right up to me after getting his diaper changed with a twinkle in his eye, and then quickly turns around, and then turns back to me and I say "Can you give mama a hug?!" and he walks to me quickly with a big hug at the end! And then he does the whole joke all over again! It's so cute.  Sometimes he still likes to crawl, and when he does he often goes from a sitting position into SLAMMING his hands down onto the ground before crawling!  So dramatic!  He seems to call bananas "AaaNAna!", he definitely says "Mama" and "Bapa", and makes a sort of "Geta" and "Ttttttt" for his sisters.  He often points to things emphatically and makes this indescribable THR kind of sound that sometimes involves spitting and his cheeks kind of flapping's very serious! Next time I'll have to get some photos of him on here too.  He's growing and changing so much so quickly! Before we know it he'll be off for a weekend with Grandparents too!

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