Monday, March 2, 2015

Hosea Turns 1 Year Old!

1 day before turning 1...playing at the school playground after picking up Greta.  He's a big boy now, walking around with the big kids!

So cute.

Playing with some big boys!  Matthew does the after school pick up now, and he said these boys were so into Hosea! They were asking all kinds of questions about what Hosea can and can't do, and Hosea was pretty intrigued with them as well.

Hanging out with Papa.
Oh that little guy is such a cutie!
We are all very thankful that Greta's dog phobia from the December dog incident has passed!  It hasn't been until about now that she's wanted to ride her bike to school again---she associated her bike with the dog event.  But the past week or so she's wanted to ride her bike to school, and I think it's helped that her friends Lucy and Gracie are into riding their bikes too. Here they all are leaving the school after a long play together.  We've had amazing weather lately!

Apparently Therese had decided not to bring her bike along, but I think she felt a little left out as a result!

Riding with Gracie.  This little girl is someone who can draw very well, and Greta has been looking up to her abilities, as well as influenced by them.  It's one way kindergarten has been such an eye opening experience for her.

The girl with the streamers is Lucy, and Greta has known her for a few years from the neighbourhood.
Hooray! Therese can join the bike gang now!
Contemplating the passage of time: turning 1 tomorrow! Oh the time flies, he thinks.
Lucy's Grandma, Pat, has been a part of the kids lives for the past few years.  She and Hosea are good friends.

Matthew likes to dress Hosea, and recently we found all these boy clothes we'd been saving in the closet till he was he's super stylin' and super BOY!

After work, on the day of his birthday!  Look at that vest, so adorable!!!
It seems like he has a bruise somewhere on his forehead at all times.  That little guy really gets into life!

Look at all that drool! More teeth are coming soon...

Getting ready for movie night!

This captures the state of our home, which appears to always have recently had a tornado sweep through it!!!

This is one of the new balls we got Hosea for his birthday.  We didn't do much for his actual birthday, because it was a school and work day, but Saturday we celebrated some more. He didn't care, he got a new ball and a balloon! :-)

Greta took a few photos from her perspective.  She kept telling me she wanted me to print them off and put them in this photo album she'd found.  Unfortunately our printer wasn't working, and by now she's probably forgotten.
This reminds me: recently I've realized I've really dropped the ball on the kids baby books!  Now Greta's, which goes up to age 5, needs to be completely filled up...but it's only halfway done!  I remember buying that book with my Mom in Olympia when I was pregnant with Greta, thinking how age 5 of my child would be SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FAAAAAAAAAAAR AWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY and now it's come and gone!! Yikes. Anyway, between parenting 3 young children, working and etc and etc I am also trying to work on their baby books!  They'll be really nice to have.  
Playing with the tupperware while waiting for Saturday morning french toast.

Greta got a nice shot of the balloon we got Hosea. He loves balloons.  And the first and only time one popped while in his possession he didn't even cry! He looked shocked, but not scared.  However, we did discover a toy car that can really rev up and go that now kind of frightens him, and when I dump the toys out of his baby bath into the big bath he's also scared.  Otherwise, he has a high tolerance for noise and craziness!  Big surprise!
More pictures from Greta's perspective...
...and this one is sweet, look at those eye lashes!

Playing with the kitchen toys...
And below, a video of his ball skills (not sure it will play, and not sure why it won't...too bad)
Time for a birthday dinner or spaghetti and cake!  On Saturday we also took cupcakes to the park and gave them out to friends to celebrate.  The girls wanted to have a party for him, but I just couldn't spare the energy!  So instead I made cupcakes to share.  Eric, Alexander, Lucy, Gracie, Veronica and Amanita all enjoyed having a cupcake in his honour :-)

The girls and I combined creative energy for this cake.  Hosea loves these graham cracker/digestive crackers lately, so we used them to decorate the cake.  Greta thought we should turn them into a picture of Hosea with a balloon!  (I thought I rotated this picture for the blog, but apparently it didn't work!  Rotate it for yourself!)
He was very serious as we started singing, and then his face lit up in a beautifully joyful smile!

Examining the cake...

After cake it was time to check his party bag for his other presents.
He put his head right into the bag!
Still looking around...!

2 more balls!!! Exciting!!!

All 3 birthday balls! And one even lights up!  Hosea loves them.

Happy Birthday to our little son!

We asked the girls what their favourite thing about him is, and they both said something like "He can walk and he walks to me and does races with me and wins!"  Papa's favourite things about Hosea are his smile and that he gives him kisses! And my favourite things about Hosea right now are his squishy cheeks and that dimple!

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