Friday, February 6, 2015

New Year Happenings

With Greta in school, Therese and Hosea get some extra time on their own together during the weekdays.  Here they are sharing a snack on the floor (I think the idea was these cornflakes would be in a bowl, but Hosea likes to just dump them out and eat off the floor anyway!)
Therese is really good with Hosea.  She often shares food with him, she is kind and gentle and plays with him, and seems to read his cues for communication really well.  He is lucky to have her for a big sister!
In January, the girls had some cousin time with Ida and Poppy! They came up with Aunt Melissa and Nana Judy for a night.  Here they all are in their nightgowns, having a movie night, watching a Tinkerbell movie.  Whew...after this it was a NIGHTMARE getting them all to bed and to SLEEP!! They all shared the girls' room, and Greta had had the idea of making her cousins beds the day before, and then wanted to also sleep on the floor as well with Therese.  Well that ended up being just too much change for Greta and Therese at such a late hour on such an exciting day, and there was so much drama!  It ended up probably being after 10 before they were all asleep...and then the next morning they woke up at 6am!!!  (We popped in a movie so the rest of us could sleep a little extra and we could save our neighbours below from too much early morning noise from above!)
Aunt Melissa made this hat for Hosea!
He likes it :-)
She also made the girls some really cute mittens--Greta's are purple and Therese's are orange.  They wear them quite often!
This outfit is just too ridiculously cute on Hosea!  It won't be long before he won't fit in it, so I had to get a few pictures...
Look at those cheeks!
He looks like a boxer or something here...
Ready to move!

We let Hosea gnaw on the turkey bone from the bird we got for Christmas.  He was really into it...and he's our only baby who has had this experience...recently we had steak at home, and it had been sooooooo long since Matthew had had one...he gave Hosea some and he nearly ate it up faster than Therese used to when she was his age!!!

For awhile there Hosea had a bump or bruise on his forehead pretty regularly...see that one?  Thankfully he hasn't had any more recently! But soon he is SURE to walk, then what?!

Therese at dinner.
Last week we went to a Super Bowl party at our old landlord's home (the place where we rented their basement suite several years ago).  Anyway, they have a big house and we had our own TV downstairs to use, and tons of snacks!  At one point near the end of the game Therese complained dramatically: "Is this almost over, I've been watching the Super Bowl for YEARS!!!"
Also, she loves to dance and sing-a-long to my new pop indulgence album (Taylor Swift's 1989, strangely enough...well it's really catchy!)  She sings along, sasses it's fun!  I'm going to miss these extra times with her when I go back to work next week for the afternoons! Of course there's the regret, the "I should've done this with her"...always there.  But we'll have the mornings, and I usually feel like I'm more engaged when I work a little bit too.  It makes me appreciate the times at home more. And I DO like going to work (it's actually a BREAK for me, to be honest!) There is a little anxiety there though...I hope she'll adjust alright.
This was a tickle, cuddle session that Hosea really enjoyed!! So much giggling!!!  He was fussy in his high chair at the end of dinner, but once I got him down and got him ready for bed he was in a much better mood and completely at my mercy!  It was so cute, I called Matthew in to get some pictures.  I love these moments :-)

I have to watch out for his 2 little teeth and his scratchy fingernails!!!

Trying to escape!

Therese LOVES Aunt Jenny!  She and Uncle Dalton came in January for a late Christmas celebration.  Therese often asks when Aunt Jenny will come over, and she has a picture of she and Aunt Jenny hanging by her bed (she put it there, and once it fell and sort of got lost amid some other time I checked, though, she had gotten new tape and put it back up in the same place!)
And reading a bedtime story, the Corduroy book from their Aunt and Uncle, with Uncle Dalton.  I couldn't get a non-blurry shot for some reason, so this will have to do!  (And Therese was in the middle of changing into her pajamas!
Before Hosea was born my friend Sheri gave me this Superman hat for it nearly fits him and I couldn't resist putting it on him when I discovered this.  He ended up playing peek-a-boo with it and getting it all dirty...oh well! (he loves to initiate peek-a-boo in his stroller with his blanket or with a hat...)

Hosea loves to drink water or other beverages.  He often is a bit of a spout, though, and when he drinks from this cup, or other cups, he automatically spits it back out like a water fountain!  His shirt will be so drenched afterwards!

The girls were really creative with their legos after seeing The Lego Movie the other day.
 Can you see the cranes they made? I think this was Greta's idea, and then they both made one.
 After a bath and a hair wash Matthew took some pictures of them while they watched their current favourite show "Mia and Me".  It's about a teenage girl who has an alternate persona in this fairy/unicorn land.  Wow, they are really into it!!!

Another thing Therese really likes to do recently is make mail for Papa.  She'll pick up an envelope from the bank if we have to run an errand there, then fill it up with other junk mail I find, and insist I put it in our mailbox so Papa (who she still calls "Biggie") can get it!

She also often says lately that when she grows up she wants to stay with "you guys" :-)  It's sweet.

Some of her favourite past times nowadays are dressing her dolls, closing her door and playing on her own in her room when Greta's at school, using Greta's fairies and taking them to "flying class", and also cutting her dolls' hair!  When Greta has swim class she likes to come along and watch or play in the play room with me and jump around lots.

Greta has developed this goofy school age humour and loves to be with her friends and at school!  She really loves her teacher Ms. Hales.  We are very lucky she has her. Today at school they dissected a salmon!  And this week they visited a cannery!
Twice at school Greta has gone ice skating.  Many parents have come up to me and shared how well Greta ice skates!! (she's done it 3 times in her life!  i'm impressed.  i suppose i should take her more often)  Apparently she's "fearless" out there and tries to go fast and doesn't care if she falls.  Good for her.  She's also really loving her swimming lesson.  Every day she asks if it's a swim day or how many days till it's a swim day!

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