Sunday, February 22, 2015

Nearing 1 and Walking!

Crawling up onto Mama's lap to get the camera!
Little handsome bubba.
Look at that dimple! I hope it lasts :-)
What a face!
Therese is really good at sharing with Hosea and playing gently with him at his pace.  Here she is with an arm full of temporary tattoos, playing with her little brother while big sister's at school!

Hosea loves to clap, and recently has started pointing as well.  He often points up at things, like the light fixtures, or the dream catcher or big star which both hang in the girls' bedroom.  Outside he likes to point up at the trees.

Snuggles up in the chair with Papa! Big smiles about that :-)

The girls put this crown on him one morning and were pretending he was some kind of a prince.  He obliged them and wore it around the house like this for probably an hour! He wore it for his diaper change and everything!
Speaking of diaper changes...Hosea HATES diaper changes! Especially when he has pooped.  He writhes and twists all over the place, contorting his body into strange positions just to try to escape the wiping (it's not a matter of diaper rash, he just hates getting changed!) We try giving him toys, singing to him, having the girls nearby to distract him, but nothing works.  Sometimes he manages to get free and then we have a real mess on our hands (literally? yes, sometimes). It's a good thing we don't have a high up, fancy changing table, or he would've fallen off of it by now.  We just change him on the floor.
And, speaking of falling off of things...poor Hosea has fallen off our bed SEVERAL times in his little life, and recently fell off the rocking horse he had succeeded at getting onto without my knowing, and thankfully DIDN'T fall off the chair he climbed onto that I THANKFULLY saw him standing on dangerously after I left the room for ONE SECOND, so I approached slowly and quietly like a ninja to get him off without startling him into falling...!! Yikes, that boy!

Jumping on the couch with big sister!  (Maybe there's a reason he's fallen off of things more than the girls ever did? An environmental reason? It can't all just be his genes...)
Not sure he's into it anymore...will Greta read this cue? Chances are, maybe not...she gets too excited with him! She often says "Oh, but I love him SO MUCH!!"
And what's not to love? He is adorable.  This is the face he gives me when I hand him his new favourite: graham crackers!  He looks at me like he can just hardly believe he could be so lucky to have a mama like me who just really knows what he likes, and graham crackers are JUST what he likes, thank you so much mama!!!!!!!! It's the best.  I usually give him a few more :-)
The girls make us so so so so so so many things.  Pictures, cards, random boxes wrapped in interesting paper, jewelry, rocks, sticks, shiny things they've found on the playground, junk mail from the lobby of our building, etc etc.  Really, we cannot keep it all.  Recently Therese decorated this little box for me.  She drew something interesting on it, asked Papa to write "Mama" in dots so she could trace it, drew a person on the other side, taped it all up and had me open it.  I think there was another paper inside.
Oftentimes I heartlessly, and regretfully, throw these things away, because I don't have space to keep them!  And I get in clean up mode and everything gets crumpled and tossed aside.  But this time I couldn't do it without taking a picture of the sweet item first.  I want to remember all this love, and the way it is expressed, knowing these days are short (and absolutely exhausting, so maybe that's ok).  My Little One, Therese, can be such a sweetheart.

And Therese is also really funny! Today she was drawing with Greta and Greta told her "Ok, TT, make sure you put the lid back on the marker" and Therese replied with a smile and "Aye Aye Captain!" I'd never heard her say that before and Matthew doesn't know where she got it from either! She says it's just something from Peter Pan...but they haven't watched that in ages.  Oh, it was so funny and cute, Greta got a chuckle out of it too, and Therese smiled like she knew it would get a laugh :-)
Hosea has discovered how to get into this basket of toys!
Greta had fun playing with him here.  Later we set up some pillows so he wouldn't bonk his head on the floor or table nearby if he fell out.
She watched him very carefully, and thought it was HILARIOUS that he wanted to play in the basket! Oh Greta, she used to do that kind of thing all the time! Now she's nearly tall enough that the top of her head reaches my shoulders! WHAT?!

Matthew has been trying to involve the girls in helping empty the dishwasher and set the table for dinner.  It's really great.  He often has much more patience than I do, and I often rush through things rather than letting anyone help! Someday their dishwasher emptying knowledge will come in really handy, and at this age they feel quite special and important helping out. Therese went the extra mile and set the table very fancily, even deciding to use china tea sets for our drinks!  I think she said it would be some kind of tea party.

This part, the salt and our napkin rings, was something she worked hard at designing, and took great pride in, so I thought I'd capture it on camera.  Shortly after we started eating she spilled some of her milk, which was disappointing for her.  I told her how that's how it often goes: you get something looking all pretty and ready to enjoy, and in the enjoying it it sometimes gets messed up! That's what "oh well" is for, and she knew how to take that attitude at this point (which is NOT always the case with Therese!) Thank goodness, we enjoyed a lovely dinner at our fancy table, spilt milk and all.

I wanted to get a picture of these chapter books the girls are really into lately.  There is a series of fairy stories they love, rescue princesses, mermaid tales, and now we're reading a story from a series about Tinker Bell's sisters.  We just get them from the library.  Anyway, it's fun to get into these chapter books with them.  We read them before bedtime, lights off, only night lights on, and they're all cozy in bed.  Greta often doesn't want me to stop, "One more chapter plEAse!!!"
 Wow there is a lot going on in this picture...which is reflective of the state of our home most of a the time, a lot is going on in it! One thing to point out here, though, is that Hosea is playing with a ball.  He loves balls, and spends a lot of time rolling them, bouncing them, and catching them--either by himself, or with Matthew or I, and sometimes with his sisters.  Another new development with Hosea is that when I say to him "Hosea, what's in your mouth?" (if he looks suspicious) he will often spit it out and show me.  That is helpful!

The BIG thing going on here is Hosea is walking!!!!!!  Look at that triumphant face!  The last week or so he's been taking some steps here and there, but in the last couple of days he's been walking the length of the kitchen, today he did that plus turned to go down the hallway, and he seems so proud of himself (as he should be!) It's just THE BEST to stand at the other end and say "Walk to mama!" and he walks with this big smile, hands up in the air, so excited to get to me and fall into my arms with a big hug...and sometimes he even gives me some love pats on my back too, and maybe a kiss :-)

Soon he'll be 1! Big boy, big boy! I can't believe it.

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  1. wow, walking! happy birthday (in a couple of days), hosea!