Sunday, December 7, 2014

35 and Thanksgiving

Some recent reading before bed...most nights Matthew puts Hosea to bed.  If Hosea ever gets fussy, with ANYONE the magic song to sing is "Baa Baa Black Sheep"--he'll go from a crank face to a smile IMMEDIATELY and often settle right to sleep as soon as he starts hearing the song.  It's so weird, and it started with Papa!

For my 35th birthday back a few weeks ago Therese made this creation for me!  It was so sweet.  She was very excited for me to see it.

The girls and Matthew made me orange cake, for at least he second year in a row.  Yummy (and thanks to my sister-in-law Melissa for the recipe!)

Ready for cake!

This is the first picture Therese has drawn of me, and the small one is her (rotate it in your mind...) I've saved it but also wanted to make sure it got it on camera too.  The hands she draws are pretty cool.  It was funny because Matthew implied that she drew them big because she must've been thinking about how hands are important for being able to touch and feel things, and I had already kind of assumed she drew them big because she realizes how hands are important for doing things!  Oh us.

Little bubba.  So sweet and cute and gentle and smiley and giggly!

Just in the last week or two he has graduated to pulling himself up on everything.  Soon he'll be walking!!! Oh no!  Stay a baby for a little bit longer! He's so soft and squishy and he has that little baby smell and still loves to eat my face (though not so much anymore, alas) Oh Hosea, we love you.

Papa's existence often involves this.

We spent our first Thanksgiving in the States in 7 years recently!  We celebrated the day and my Dad and Linda's home.  It was a wonderful time and so good to be there enjoying familiar traditions with special people.

Linda's son and daughter-in-law Joel and Julie brought their daughter Eden and the kids all had fun playing together.  It was the first they'd met!
Whew! Look at that mess!  What a relief for it to be a mess NOT in my own living room for a change!  (and it doesn't seem so bad in someone else's house)
Grandma Linda bought the girls several colouring books and markers as well as craft activities.  They had a blast colouring and creating ornaments and a gingerbread house with her.  They spent so much time together on these projects, it was really special and memorable.

At the end of the evening my Uncle Tom and Therese really hit it off.  He would chase her, or even just PRETEND HE WAS GOING TO CHASE HER, and she would laugh and squeal and run away from him!  I'd never seen her let loose so much with relatives!  It was hilarious!!!  I was glad she could finally meet Uncle Tom and Aunt Wendy, as I had not seen them since Greta was 1.5!
A familiar scene...cycled back to the beginning of this post I suppose...sleepy time with Papa! So cozy.

And with flash...not as cozy, but it's nice to see that cute face and perfect skin a little better here :-)

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