Monday, November 24, 2014


This Halloween wasn't too eventful...Therese was pretty sick that day and night, so Greta and I met up with friends and trick or treated without the rest of the family :-(
I'm a bit no-fuss with Halloween, and the girls just decide what they want to be close to the date, and this year just used costumes they already had.  Greta got the idea to actually wear her nightgown, since it has Rapunzel on it...and be Rapunzel!  Here she is with a beautiful hair-do.
Therese wore this orange-ey rainbow costume I had as a kid, with rainbow leg warmers on her arms, pink cowgirl boots, and a red and white cowgirl hat!!  A friend took a photo of her in the outfit at Greta's school that morning, but every time I try to open it and put it on the blog it seems to negatively effect the computer, so alas, it will not be posted.  Needless to say, she was cute cute cute.  But by the late afternoon that day all she wanted to do was sleep.  She didn't even care that she was missing Halloween, that's how sick she was!
I dressed little bubba in a fancy vest the girls always say is for a prince, as well as a crown, and he was King Hosea for the day.  Again, that photo I shouldn't open and post, because it causes problems on our computer!!  He was totally adorable too.
While trick or treating Greta had two bags, and I asked her to ask for double candy for her sister as well!  She did it and everyone obliged.  So at least we were able to bring home some candy for Therese!
We had fun trick or treating with my friends Cameron and Caitlin, and their daughters--the girls' friends--Autumn and Aoife. Greta still got spooked when the fireworks started, and wanted to start walking quickly and get home!  She requested that we walk along the more lighted and busy street so those lights could distract her from the fireworks :-)  She is always sensitive to those silly fireworks that apparently are only done in and around Vancouver.  (Teenagers LOVE it!)
Here are some pieces of Halloween art the girls decided to make leading up to the holiday.  The girls are SOOOOOOOOO into drawing lately.  The other day after dropping Greta off at school Therese spent the next 5.5 hours drawing...the only time she didn't was so she could eat lunch or use the bathroom, and I think she watched a 20 minute show too.  Wow.
What they really love to draw lately is princesses (and they LOVE to listen to Disney music lately while drawing...especially from Frozen or the Genie song from Aladdin, or a beautiful song from Brave...Therese gets really into it and dances and sings along with quite serious facial expressions and lots of dramatic gestures!!)
Anyway, the first picture up there Greta made, and she cleverly attached a Boo sign from a school Halloween cupcake to it!
 This is a witch Therese made.
 And here's a spooky dark rainbow Therese drew.
 Greta's ghosts.
 Greta's pumpkins.
 Greta's witches.
 I think this is supposed to be a monster--according to Therese.  I think Greta cut it out for her...
Therese was pretty proud of this pumpkin painting she did at preschool.
The girls LOVE to decorate the house (and sometimes confuse "clean your room" with "decorate your room", but oh well!)  Most of that artwork above they decided to make one day after school so they could decorate the house for Halloween!

One other thing I should include here is a quote from Therese recently as I was hurriedly trying to clean up dinner and get the girls ready for bed.  Therese was in the bath and I went in to check on her for the second or third time and she looked at me with an exasperated sigh and said "NOW what are you gonna do? I want to relax and I want the door closed!!!"  YIKES.  She also told me recently "Stop doing that!!" as I was lovingly kind of petting her hair at the bus stop, trying to show her some attention after preschool.  I am NOT much of a physically affectionate person--so I guess she gets that from me--and I got a taste of my own medicine!!!

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