Sunday, October 19, 2014

Summer Flashback...Cousins and More Beach!!

 In July we visited with Grandpa Paul and Grandma Sam who met up with us in Seattle. One fun outing we went on was Ride the Ducks with the cousins! Here are Therese and Ida with their duck bill noise makers.
 And Greta with Poppy.
 The girls still love playing with these duck bills...noisy! The ride was really fun too!

(We forgot our camera on this trip, but I think Matthew took photos on his phone and recently imported them to our why not put them on the blog?)

 Nana Judy, Aunt Melissa and the cousins came for a visit to Vancouver in August.  We went out for dinner the the cousins had their own "kids table" at a restaurant for the first time.  They loved it! (so did the grown ups!)

 It's hard to get a "perfect" picture of all these little ones together!  But these shots sure are cute anyway. The cousins have so much fun together, we wish it could happen more often! Poor Hosea...the only boy...soon they'll be dressing him up and putting make up on him for fun (at least that's what my sister and I liked to do to our cousin Michael when we were kids!)
 A daily routine: walking down this street.  Where to? The bus stop? Garden? Park? Store?...not sure here :-)

 Park friends!

 These pictures are the first time Hosea tried solid foods...back nearly 2 months ago! He's a good eater.

 The girls were also so excited about this, so they wanted a turn feeding him.  He was bombarded by the ladies in his life...and I had to give up some control (always a bit hard for me...!)

 At the fair in August.  I think there are some other pictures of this on another post, but I thought I should add these few as well.
 Picking apples that she pretended to plant.
 Driving the tractor around her farm...Therese loved this part, but Greta was too big for the tractors this year! She's so tall.

 Little Bubba Boo enjoying the fair from the stroller.

 The girls rode this train all by themselves! It was fun to watch them get so much enjoyment out of such a short and (according to Matthew and I) lame ride :-)
 These photos were taken the night we stayed for the fireworks show a the beach in July.  It was a great night, and so beautiful there.

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