Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fall Happenings

A couple weeks ago I went in to look at Therese after she had fallen asleep and saw Ken, my old Ken, staring down at her!
A fall creation that Greta made.
Hosea is quite mobile now...we've had to get rid of this chair because even buckled in it doesn't do the trick anymore!
Little escapee!
There he is trying to go after the markers!  When he sees something he wants he looks at it with fierce determination and does his FAST army crawl right over to it!!  He's been doing this crawl for about a month now.
Things are getting hectic around here with Hosea mobile!  A week or so ago I left the hallway Hosea was in for like one minute to help Greta with something...when I came back and looked at Hosea he clearly had something in his mouth...see above??  A NAIL was in his mouth!!!  These little nails with this white thing are all along the baseboards in the hallway (to run a cord through, put in by prior tenants, we've never used them and neither of our other babies have messed with them!) Well Hosea pulled this one out.  Since then I've checked for other loose ones and the rest are pretty well stuck.  But really, that was frightening!!!!!!!
Greta must be playing "nail salon" at school, because she recently wanted to do this with Therese at home as well.  They spent a lot of time saying they were doing their toenails...and the finished product looked like this!

We celebrated Thanksgiving here a couple weeks ago.  For the holiday we invited our neighbours in the building Pola, Janusz and their daughter Kiera (see next to Hosea), as well as Pat (in the white) and her grand-daughter Lucy and her mother Kristie...who also live in our neighbourhood, and Lucy is in Greta's class at school.  We had a sort of pot-luck Thanksgiving...or at least that was the intention...but Pat brought over turkey and stuffing and made it a proper meal!  It was a really nice time.

Greta and Hosea having fun together.

I took these pictures of Therese...she's so cute and sweet :-)

Lately Therese is showing herself to be counted on to follow rules, and be kind of into it, as well as to be more quiet and introspective.  She often stands around and watches others playing before joining in, and likes to point out to me things like how she's following the rule at bedtime by not having any toys in her bed :-)  (although Matthew says apparently she sneaks up and plays with toys anyway when she thinks no one is looking!!!)

These two spend more time together on their own now that Greta is in kindergarten.
Greta is adjusting well to school.  At first she seemed quite tired at the end of the day, and she did have a few mornings where she complained about having to's taken some time for her to realize just how much "every day except weekends" really is!  But now she doesn't mention it much anymore, and in fact the other day she said that kindergarten wasn't as long as she used to think it was!  She has been very upbeat and enthusiastic lately, and is quite sociable at school.  Several parents and her teacher Ms. Hales have mentioned how she's very extroverted and helpful, and she gets talked about at home by other children, and has already been invited to two birthday parties of new friends!  After school we usually hang out at the playground for 1-2 hours, and the girls really enjoy that.  Also, she has learned how to ride her bike really well (she still doesn't know how to use the BRAKES though, and stops by putting her feet down)...she nearly always rides her bike to school and it takes about 10-15 minutes.  Therese rides her bike usually too.  It's fun, but all the QUICKLY rushing back and forth also can really wear us out! Every morning I feel like I deserve a medal after I've successfully gotten Greta off to school on time!
Our old church is letting us borrow this hideous exer-saucer!  It's a nice place to be able to put this busy guy from time to time.

Trouble!  He's already showing us that he's over his baby toys...he would rather play with things like nails, cords, and potted plants that he can pull onto himself.

Lucy gave Therese some hand-me-downs, including this nice coat.  Therese felt pretty special getting these new clothes, and wanted to wear this coat a lot at first (even though it hasn't nearly been cold enough!)

Here's a video of dinner time at our house.  Hosea LOVES his food!!

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