Tuesday, October 28, 2014

8 Months! (And "Let It Go")

 Yesterday I went with Therese and Hosea to Greta's school field trip to the pumpkin patch.  We usually go here as a family every year, so it was a little funny to be without Matthew, but he's been pretty sick so it was nice to get a chance to visit the place anyway. It was funny to think about how on the hay ride (above) when Greta was 1 or 2 years old she would cover her ears and cry when the driver got all the passengers to exclaim "Yee Ha!" to get the ride moving out to the field!
 This place always has a band (they're actually quite good).  Greta's class was here listening to the music, and Greta was in the back jumping around over the hay.  She heard the band members ask if anyone had any musical requests, to which several girls yelled out "Let It Go" (from the movie Frozen).  The band didn't know how to play that one, but asked if anyone in the audience wanted to come up and sing it.  Greta BOLTED up those stairs to the stage!  Her teacher was caught off guard and motioned for Greta to come down...she did, and looked kind of embarrassed...but then her teacher realized what was going on and quickly encouraged Greta to go back up.  She was given the microphone and sang the whole last section of "Let It Go" all by herself, soooooooo beautifully!!  It was one of those very special moments where time seemed to stand still.  Afterwards she ran back down to where I was and I just gave her a high five and said "That was awesome!!"  I could tell she didn't want too much hub-bub about it :-)  But since then a few parents have commented on how lovely that was, and I'm hoping someone sends me a video of it (I didn't think to take one, but a friend said she might've...) I think she should join a choir soon--or join me at karaoke ;-)

 Yesterday Hosea turned 8 months!  I took a few photos today to document the occasion.  He's been sitting up on his own for awhile now, and doing his army crawl all over the place...getting into mischief already!
 Greta and Therese both wore this cute sweater from Aunt Melissa as babies...it's fun to put it on Hosea now.

 Lately Hosea has been ranting this babble "Rya rya rya rya rya rya rya rya!!!" in a kind of deep gutterral way...usually in his high chair or the baby carrier accompanied by some arm flailing.  It's fun to imitate and usually gives him a twinkle in his eye!
 A lot of people are saying he looks like Therese lately...what do you think?
 Oh, this little face!!  Irresistible!
Still no teeth.  So cute.  So sweet.  Our little bubba-boo :-)

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  1. Yes! I think he looks like Therese! I thought so at Thanksgiving. They are definitely siblings. :)