Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Kindergarten Eve

Tomorrow Greta will start Kindergarten!  It's a bit later than we had expected, since there was a province-wide teacher's strike up until last Thursday.  She and I had been very excited...only excited...for this moment all summer.  But just the other day, when she realized it was actually going to start in a few days, she said, "But mama, I'll want to stay with you!  5 hours, every day except weekends?!  That's too much!" ... (well, it's actually 6 hours!) anyway...and so we had a talk about change, and how change is exciting, but it also can be sad and scary or worrisome...and that all the other children starting kindergarten were probably feeling the same as her, and that I was feeling the same as her as well.  Later that day I saw a friend at the library and we chatted about this very topic, and I found myself getting teary and choked up--without even realizing it--it just suddenly took over!
I am excited for her to start for many reasons (a break for me! less sibling squabbling around here, more routine in our weeks, something to engage and challenge her more than I do at home...) but of course I am also sad.  Kindergarten is such a milestone of "letting her go"...one of many!  I'm also sad for the change it will bring to the relationship between Greta and Therese.  Sure they squabble, and yell, and take things from each other...but more often than not they play together so happily!  The other day I was feeding Hosea and trying to get him down for a nap, and I overheard the girls out in the kitchen chatting.  I realized Therese was hungry and had taken the initiative to get some snacks out of the cupboard.  When I came out I saw them sitting under the kitchen table together, snacking and chatting away.  What is Therese going to do without Greta at home?  And Greta has said "I will miss the bubba too"...yes she will!
I know, I know, it'll all work out, but it will be new and different and exciting, and a bit sad too. So I'm having a moment now, and that's ok.  Tomorrow she will go for one hour (gradual entry, they call it--not a full day till next Tuesday), and we really are all looking forward to it!  I just hope I can keep it together :-)  Now I know a little better how my mom must've felt when she dropped me off at kindergarten for the first time and I turned to her and said "It's ok Mama, you can go now", so she turned around and stoically left to go cry in the car!

Now that Greta's older she sometimes doesn't even need her precious Pooh blanket at night (there have been times when it's been left out in the living room or something and she doesn't even notice!!!)
Lucky Hosea is having a turn with it here, on Greta's baby quilt.  
Earlier this summer the girls had trouble getting to sleep one night (actually, a lot of nights...with the heat and the very, very late sunsets)--at least once they all piled with Papa on this mattress on the floor.  (That does NOT look cool or comfortable in any way...but it served the purpose of getting them to GO TO SLEEP!!!!!)
Doing some painting with Papa.
Greta and Papa painting together is so classic.
Therese had quite the equipment for this painting adventure!  A head lamp to help her get the creativity flowing, of course :-)

Today I broke this fruit bowl that Greta made in her pottery class this spring.  I accidentally knocked it with my elbow (it was on our buffet in the kitchen...not the table like it is here) while getting Hosea out of the carrier.  It seemed to fall in slow motion as I said, in my head, "Oh sh-----------------!!!"
Anyway, it broke in two pieces and I think it can be fixed.  Greta was upset for just a very short while and then she said to me, "It's ok Mama, I forgive you" :-)
The little bubba!!!
The obligatory naked bum pics...so cute!

Therese wanted to sleep in a costume the other night (she wears this particular one quite often...from my "upside down world" dance routine when I was 5!)
A little sleeping beauty!  She can be quite the performer and often sings the song "Let It Go" from "Frozen" with SO much animation and feeling!
Oh, he is so cute.
Drool Double Chin.  Priceless.

Greta really got into using the camera and took most of the rest of these pictures.
Hosea will be crawling soon, I am sure of it!

Later he tried his hardest to get over to that block creation of Greta's.

Mighty Cute Indeed.
Look at those eyelashes!

Greta initiated this photo shoot.

I really think his laugh face looks like mine (right???)

Greta's finger was kind of in the way on many of these (we cropped most of them)...but she really caught some great shots!

He was laughing so hard!  The girls like to say "the bubba's cracking UP!"

Thanks for these shots, Greta. 
Oh, and this one too! (ha!)
Soon after this she dropped the camera.  I then asked her not to take it in the bathroom with her (she took this photo while sitting on the toilet!) because I didn't want it to get wet.  Later I looked and the screen on the camera is cracked...whoops.  When I told her she looked like she felt really bad about it, especially since I then said she shouldn't use it anymore.  Good thing we have another old one around here she can practice with, cause she seems to have a good eye for taking photos!
A swirl picture she made and then photographed.  She was very sweet and went on to teach Therese, who was keen on learning, how to do this kind of swirl picture.
A shot of mama in action...tea time is serious business!

Hey everyone!!! I can sit up by myself now!!! (He says before doing a face plant into the carpet, or having his head saved by his spotter.)
No, but really, he's getting to the point where he can sit up like this for a couple minutes.  Big changes around here!

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