Tuesday, September 23, 2014

First Days of School

A couple weeks ago Therese started preschool!  She was very excited and ever since says nearly every day "Mama do I go to preschool (pee-cool) tomorrow?" Too bad for her it's only twice a week ;-)
Don't you like her sock/sandal combo? She's got style!
 No school for this bubba yet, thank goodness!

The other day the girls were having fun with him in the jolly jumper and put this Hello Kitty hat on his head--he thought it was pretty funny and squealed away!
 More Therese style...we pulled out these boots the other day (they fit Greta when she was 2, and they just now fit Therese at nearly 3 1/2!!
On the way to the park she was singing "Let It Go" from Frozen, and this is the part where Elsa throws off her cape, of course.
Today Greta went to her first day of Kindergarten...but by "day" I mean 1 hour...in the afternoon...after Therese had already gone to preschool and we'd all had lunch.  So here she is bonding with Hosea while Therese was out.  It is especially fun to see for me because I remember Greta often rolling herself under this couch when she was Hosea's age.

Ready to scoot to Kindergarten in the rain! Wow, Greta was incredibly hyped up about this event.  It was so cute.

At the classroom Matthew tried to get a picture, but she wouldn't stand still here for long, and the parents weren't allowed in the room today!
Off she goes with Lucy, her good friend from the neighbourhood.
After class, with Lucy again. 
The girls had a lot of fun on their first day, and Therese (who looks decidedly different in expression from the big girls here...) had some extra time on the school playground swinging, riding her bike, and playing in the rain while Greta was in class.  
Tomorrow we go for a little bit longer, and by next Tuesday it'll be all day!  

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