Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Oh Joy, 5 Months!!!

 Hooray! I was able to get another computer with a longer internet time, and this computer is soooo fast, I just might finish 2 blog posts and be all caught up today!  I am so happy about this.

Here we have our Little One, as I call her, eating popcorn.  This girl has been having bad dreams about bugs lately, coming to our room in the middle of the night demanding Papa check all her fingers and toes to make sure no bugs are on them!  Poor thing. 
 Sleepy times with Papa.
 Nana Judy has made all the kids quilts, this one is so beautiful!

 (I wish I knew how to rotate this, but I don't have time to figure it out!)
 A beautiful dress from Great Grandma Hope.  We were down in Washington for July 4th and saw lots of family...Great Grandma gave the girls many many dresses from Nordstrom!  We are so grateful for them, and so glad we got to see family (no pictures though...whoops!)

 Naked baby!

 The beaches here are so beautiful, and the weather has been great.

 Someone at church took this photo. Matthew has held all our babies this way at one time (singing a Lion King song simultaneously, of course), it's nice to have captured it with Hosea
 The girls dressed him up...
 Everyone sleeping together a night when the girls had trouble getting to sleep...looks cozy (and very, very hot!)

 A park creation Greta wanted to save...so I took a photo for her.
 Hosea with a doggy blanky he loves :-)

 Hosea trying to eat my nose!  I love these moments, and remember them well from when the girls were babies too :-) Oh babies....so special! 

 Just recently Hosea has been trying to grab faces more.
 Walking to the park with her little baby!

 Hosea LOVES to be in this jolly jumper...in fact it's the place he will stay the longest before wanting to get picked up or moved!

The day he turned 5 months he was very overtired...I captured this moment when he finally went to bed!  Oh motherhood is quite a job.  Yikes.

Sorry, I don't have time to write more or weed through these photos more, I have to get home so Matthew can go to work!  Happy Summer, and I hope you all have enjoyed this update :-)

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