Tuesday, July 29, 2014

4 Months Gone...5 Months Now!!

Our computer has been having problems, so I haven't been able to do posts as much as I would like.  Right now I'm at the library, with a computer that will let me use the internet for 15 minutes!!  Fortunately I had these pictures of Hosea's 4 month milestone saved on the blog before our computer got sick, so I can quickly write a bit. 
Therese is really sweet with Hosea.  Lately she has been saying a lot, "Can I hold him?" and last night at dinner when he got fussy she said, "Oh, I think he wants to see his big sister!" 

Here's Hosea with Greta on the day he turned 4 months...she shared her carnation with him.

Wearing little overalls...and his first little pair of shoes! (Totally unnecessary, but totally cute!  Many people have given us hand-me-downs...I'm not even sure where these came from!)
Big smile!!

Here he is all dressed up in one of the girl's skirts (this often happens!)

All dressed up with his big sisters!
My friend Cameron took these photos of the girls at our park recently.

Trying to fly a kite!

I caught this picture of Hosea all sleepy and peaceful after eating.  I love those moments!

...Well my time is up here at this library computer, better save it!  I really hope to add more soon, it's too sad for me to not be blogging.  So many fun things have happened, I want to share them and remember them :-) Hosea turned 5 months just a couple days ago.  He is so sweet.  He loves to be in the jolly jumper, play with toys, put things in his mouth...he's quite tall and lean and very strong.  He is so smiley and giggles more often now.  The girls are doing great.  Greta is looking forward to kindergarten, and they have both been enjoying staying up late enjoying the beautiful summer weather...then sleeping in! 
I'll be back soon!

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