Tuesday, May 27, 2014

"The Cutest Boy In Town" is 3 Months Old!

 In the Jolly Jumper for the first time the other day!  We realized he was old enough when we looked through old photos of Greta at this age...IN the Jolly Jumper!  He seems to enjoy it.  So far not much jumping, but he likes the new vantage point, especially when the girls play in their toy kitchen right next to this in the hallway.  He seems fascinated with what they're up to!
 The girls were SOOOOOOOO excited when I brought this out!  Greta used to love this thing (Therese not so much!)
 It was weird to see our oldest, the first one to use this in this very spot, now a 5 year old helping her baby brother here.  It was one of those moments where Matthew and I both felt older, married longer, and amazed at how time had flown by in some ways.
 Today I took these photos of Hosea's 3 month birthday!  All smiles so much of the time :-)  A little sweetheart for sure.

 I had this little elephant onesie with the girls too, but they never wore it much (it seemed too "boyish" I guess!)  Now it's my favourite top on Hosea.  It won't be long before he won't be able to wear it! (sniff sniff)

 The girls with "The Cutest Boy In Town" as they sometimes call him :-) They love him so much and dote on him always. Often Greta says "Oh I just love him so much!" and Therese mimics some of the tickling and games I do with him.

 I tried to get Greta take a photo of Hosea and I!  Some of them were quite blurry, but this one's alright.
 He really does look like a porcelain doll, in my unbiased opinion ;-)
He coos and gurgles and smiles so much!  He always talks in such a gentle and tender way.  Today I got him to laugh quite a bit tickling his tummy...but he also seemed on the verge of crying by the end (laughing can really take it out of you!)  We've heard a few chuckles here and there, but today was the first sustained laughing I'd gotten.  I can't wait to hear it again!  He definitely knows "mama".  If I'm out of his site for awhile and he gets to the end of playing and starts kind of fussing, as soon as I appear in his field of vision he starts to smile and talk to me and settle down a bit :-)  He still naps in the carrier much of the time, but I did buy him a small swing with some baby shower gift cards and he sometimes naps in that (so I can have a break!)
Looking back at these first 3 months I realize they were difficult, but now it feels like we've settled into more of a routine and melded as a family a bit more. Hosea's personality is coming out and it is sure fun! A baby is such a sweet gift.

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