Monday, May 5, 2014

Hosea Turns 2 Months!

 It's been's been's been 2 months since this little guy entered our world!

Hi, I'm baby Hosea and my routine in general looks like this: wake up eating, sleep or doze in bed a bit more, then have some time in the bouncy chair/on the couch/or on this blanket hanging out, smiling and looking cute.  Then get some more while mama eats breakfast.  Hang out some more, then get fussy.  Then go in the carrier with mama while she does dishes.  Once the big sisters are ready we all go out and about: classes, errands, the park, the library...and I sleep sleep sleep, snuggled up to mama.  Once it's lunch time for the girls, I eat some more too, hang out cutely for awhile, then get fussy again.  Back to the carrier to sleep while mama does more housework or we all go out and about again.  Be sure to get SUPER fussy and need to eat a lot as the evening approaches and it's time for my parents to make dinner, clean up, get the big sisters ready for bed (sometimes mama has to do this on her own if papa is's a ticking time bomb kind of time for her).  Once the big sisters are in bed it's time to fuss extra hard, tank up some more, and have some time sitting with mama or papa on the bouncy ball (it's MAGIC!) Doze off some more, then go to bed with mama and eat eat eat.  Oh, and don't forget to wake up a few times between this and morning time when we repeat it all over again.

The life of a newborn!

 Greta made these drawings of all of us a couple weeks ago. She still has trouble writing "S" as you can see in Hosea's name.  But it doesn't bother her in the least, she is confident she will learn it when she wants to...she conquered K recently!  She has pretty much taught herself how to write.  She is ready for Kindergarten!

 This is a picture of the 5 of us Greta drew on the bottom of Therese's picture of the 5 of us several days after Hosea was born.
 A cool play set up Greta created one morning...a soccer field for her ponies and other "guys" (as she calls some of her most special toys) that she put into colour coded teams.

 More sleeping baby in the evening after the girls have gone to bed. He likes to sleep face down like this after having sucked on papa's pinky for awhile!

 A sweet little video of Therese singing a My Little Pony song one evening when I was on my own with her recently.  She loves to sing!  Other things I'm noticing about her lately: she does NOT like it when her clothes get even the slightest bit wet, she is pretty tidy when she eats, she really wants to choose "beautiful" outfits for herself, and often likes to look in the mirror when she talks and say things like "I like my long hair" :-)
 I was tired of MY long hair, so a couple weeks ago I had it chopped off! Much better. My girls like it, though (which reminds me of the time my mom cut her hair all off when Jenny and I were kids and we actually cried about it! ridiculous! sorry mom!)
 Therese sharing her favourite blanket with baby brother.

 A gentle little soul with a beautiful, sweet little face!

 An interesting outfit Therese chose to wear to bed!
 Hosea on his 2 month birthday...which I realized at the END of the day was the same day as Therese's birthday party!  Oh birth order.

 Having some bouncing time and settling down the fussing.

 Saggy cheeks!

 This was a rare occasion: sleeping NOT on or right next to someone else!

 He is such a sweet baby.  His smiles are becoming more frequent, and are often accompanied by adorable baby coos and goos that just melt my heart!  I can't wait to hear that first laugh someday soon!

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