Friday, May 16, 2014


A little late, but here are our Easter pictures!

Here's a scene our neighbourhood often sees...we are out and about quite a bit and I wanted to capture a photo of the reality: me with the 2 girls, a baby on me, and my cart for groceries (it was no different on Easter!)  Awhile ago on the bus the middle-aged male driver told me as we all left: "I admire you" :-)  It was nice to hear as sometimes it is all quite stressful!

For Hosea's first Easter the girls found baskets in the morning, we all went to church then picked up some groceries, and Matthew preached in the afternoon at this Japanese church he often speaks at.  We spent some time at the park in the afternoon and then had a nice dinner.  We often miss family on Easter, and it's a 4 day weekend here so the atmosphere around town is relaxed and ready to welcome spring.  This year was a pretty quiet Easter.  It always reminds me of babies, since all of mine have been born near to Easter!

Thanks to Grandpa Dan and Grandma Linda for these Easter dresses!  The girls love getting new fancy dresses from them always at Christmas and for their seems to be becoming a tradition!  I'm glad they're not too picky about clothes yet, if it has flowers it's good!

It's hard to choose which of these photos to post, they're all good in some ways.
Therese's blue bow has recently gone missing! It's like her trademark!  I hope we can find it. Oh, and she went through a phase of always wearing this hat Nana Kaka matter what the weather, and always just so the bow still showed...she's got style.

Our first family of 5 picture all dressed up!
A random snoozing picture, so sweet.

Hosea wore this old outfit of Matthew's for Easter, and shortly after we arrived at church he had a huge poop blow out in it!  So much for that outfit!

Hosea in the beautiful sweater Aunt Melissa knit for him, and the hat my friend Natalie knit for him.

Some crazy times in our living room...the usual around here!

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