Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Church Waters

 About 3 weeks ago we went, for our third time, on our church retreat to Anvil Island. The girls especially love taking the walk down to Pebble Beach on this island.  We walked down here with some other families, but they all left when it started raining a we had the whole beach to ourselves!  The girls were busy hunting for starfish with Papa for quite some time.

 It was relatively nice weather when we arrived to camp, but throughout the weekend it rained or threatened rain.  We only went down to this beach the first day.

 Greta also enjoyed finding crab shells...although they were a bit creepy to her!
 I took a few shots of Therese in her pigtails and this swimsuit...she reminds me of that little girl on those old sunscreen bottles!

 Sorry, it's hard to choose just one of these to keep!!  Trust me, I even deleted some :-)
 The view from the beach.

 Greta and Matthew look so synchronized!!
 Here come a few shots of Hosea and Mama :-)  He was easy going on this trip, as usual.

 Cry face!

 Wow, I have 3 kids!!!

 Getting chubby cheeks...

 Therese being goofy on the way back to the cabins. It was nice to walk back and take our time just as a family.  Eventually Therese got tired and Matthew carried her on his shoulders just as he had done last year here.

 Greta was in her element all weekend: many people to socialize with, freedom, the great outdoors, puddles, mud, sand...she had a blast!

 It was fun to just let Greta roam and not worry about always having to go with her.  I know she enjoyed it too!!

 On the quiet Saturday afternoon in our lodge Therese found these Care Bear toys to play with and had fun lining them up and putting them in pairs.'s Greta to join her! Of course it turned not quite so fun for Therese any more as Greta has a tendency to "take charge"! But they managed to enjoy themselves still.

 I am noticing more and more that Therese enjoys playing on her own or just kind of watching others and hanging out by me from time to is one of those moments.
 Both girls love playing with this friend named Ryder.
It was a fun weekend and our first away in a long time...also our first away as a family of 5!  It went well and was good practice for the visit we plan on making to Washington State in July (although I'm tired just thinking about that!!)

 The weekend after Anvil we had Hosea baptized in the building of St. John's, our old church congregation.  Our girls were both baptized in this building, and it is so beautiful, we wanted Hosea to also get baptized here.
 The Reverend/Father Michael Fuller performed the baptism.  He was such a kind and charming English gentleman (actually now that I think about it he kind of reminds me of Michael Caine!)  Anyway...after Matthew called him about the baptism he came to our home twice to get to know us and help choose certain aspects of the service.  We felt so welcomed by the congregation and it was wonderful to have such a personal experience with the home visits. Greta was especially intrigued by the whole baptism thing.  She didn't want it to happen at first, because she was wary of the water going onto her baby's brother's head! But Father Fuller offered to let her "help" a bit and didn't mind at all when she sort of got into the whole business during the service!  Hosea was a trooper and didn't cry or fuss a bit.

 Our friends Jeff and Jen were Hosea's Godparents, and here they are with their son Sebastian who is a couple months older than Hosea. We are so glad they have moved back from Texas!  Jeff and Matthew are really good buddies, which I am very thankful for!
 The girls were all over Sebastian!
 Here we are up at the front again to receive the baptismal candle at the end of the service.

 A couple friends from our current church attended the baptism: Steve and also Priska with her children Zena and Axel, along with a man we know from the neighbourhood named Frank.
It was such a blessing to have both of our moms at the service, along with Shayne and Hans!  Also, it was Mother's Day, so afterwards we all went out to brunch (thanks Moms for the treat!)  Too bad we didn't get any mom pictures!!!

 I love Matthew's smile in these photos :-)
 Greta's like a spooky baby whisperer in this photo!
 Baby boys holding hands!
 Some eyelash shots of Hosea here...they are LONG!!

 So cute. Up until recently he always has his hands in fists, so much so that at night I have to unroll them and wipe out the fuzz and moisture that has accumulated all day!!  In the last few days, though, he has really made progress in finding his hands and bringing them up to his mouth more often--quite an important accomplishment!

 He looks like a baby doll next to Therese here!

 Do you notice Therese's haircut here? She asked me to do it (I think she wanted short hair like I have!) Ever since I did it she asks me from time to time "Mama is my hair still short?" :-)

 Greta loves to hold Hosea and now even knows how to pick him up and carry him around the house (she MUST ASK ME FIRST, though!!!)

 He has such a sweet smile, and we see it often :-)

 Spit bubbles!

Here you can see that Greta knows how to hold him now (sometimes I wish she didn't have such interest in this!!)

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