Sunday, April 27, 2014

Therese Turns 3!!!

A bit late...but Therese turned 3 a week and a half ago.  She asked for a costume, a crown, and an orange wand...I did my best with our budget and got her this orange butterfly costume.  She pulled a ME and was very blunt about how her expectations for her gift had not been met and she was a bit dis-satisfied.  I guess I got a taste of my own medicine!!  (She got over it quickly and was then fine with the gift, just maybe a little let down at first!)
Therese did, however, LOVE the card that ribbits "Happy Birthday"!!!  Funny, I almost didn't even get her a card, to save money, but this was a hit!!
Therese is very much afraid of fire.

See that face? It is fearful.  This is also the face she makes any time we need to cross a street.  She gets so anxious to cross the street, and kind of rushes across, sometimes causing her to trip and fall, which then adds to the anxiety!  Poor girl!
Even more concerned...
Relief! Time to eat the cupcake Papa brought home from a free cupcake give-away at his work (they were SOOOOOO YUMMY, and perfect timing for her birthday!!)
Therese, you really are so incredibly adorable.
She chose the orange cupcake, of course.

She chose the pink one for Greta.

Usually Therese just eats the toppings, then some of the cake, and then she crumbles up the rest.  Wow, cupcakes are messy!!
Greta likes to have her hair braided so it gets wavy like mine :-)

Lately Therese has said on more than one occasion, "I don't want to grow up" and also she has asked "But when will I grow up?"  She also mentioned once awhile ago that she will be a beekeeper when she grows up...Greta says she will be an artist!

Those eyes!!!

Greta was fine with Therese's birthday on the actual day, and Therese actually let Greta borrow the wings later that day.  Therese is quite generous and good at sharing.

Our little artist created this beautiful picture for Therese in the morning, all on her own initiative. This girl makes many, many pictures a day...she gets so many ideas in her head that she has to draw out!
So today we had a party for Therese, again at the park down the street.  I think she was a little confused about this and asked me at the end of the party: "But mama, how old am I now? I don't know"  It must've been a bit confusing for her, thinking that she had JUST turned 3 and now was she having another birthday again so soon??
Matthew made up a variation of the hot potato game, and brought Therese's Bob the Tomato (named after a Veggie Tales character) and played "Hot Bob Tomato".  The kids enjoyed it, and after a bit if they were stuck with the tomato they got to choose a song to sing.
Matthew is great with kids and seemed really in his element here...he just thought of these games right before the party and took charge in leading them with ease!
Lucy, Greta, Zena

Alexander and Lucy
Zena and Therese
We had many of the same friends at this party as Greta's, plus a few more that we realized we could easily invite given the setting of our party.  Park parties are the best!

Playing tag!  The person with Buddy the T-Rex was "it".

Matthew explaining the rules of the game.
Greta loved the games and I think wanted some more!  She had a hard time with Therese having a party and getting more gifts.  I mean a very, very, very hard time.  But tonight Therese even shared her Pinky Pie Pony with Greta, the toy Greta has had the hardest time accepting that Therese now owns.
Therese requested cherry cupcakes with jelly beans on the top.  I did my best :-)

A few other Therese sayings lately:
She often says she's going to give or share ___________ with Hosea "When he's younger"  :-)  (meaning, "When he's older" ...really.)
Awhile ago she told me, as I kissed her goodnight, "Have a nice golden sleep mama"
And she went through a phase where if she got an owie she would NOT want to see it at all.  I think she's getting over that now (I think Greta went through the same thing...)

Both girls have this made up word "foon doons" right now, and often call Papa by that term...and any other thing they want to!  Also, they have taken to calling Matthew "The Big Guy" so much so that other children in the neighbourhood are also calling him that now! Speaking of Matthew, Therese's favourite blanket is the one she inherited from his side of the family.  It's light mint green, crocheted, with lots of decorative holes in it.  She calls it "my blanket with holes in it that used to be Papa's" and it's her favourite.  She's a hot sleeper, I think, and so this airy blanket is the perfect one for snuggling up in without over-heating.  Also, she refers to her argyle tights as "Papa's old tights"! :-)

The sisters are good friends, and also quite distinct from each other.  Therese is really a little girl now, like Greta--not a baby or a toddler, but a little girl!  She loves her long hair (says so a lot lately), chooses her own clothes and does NOT want coats to cover them up, makes up songs often, and is clear that she prefers Therese to "TT"!!!

Happy Birthday sweet Therese Marie!

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