Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Greta Turns 5!!!

On the morning of her birthday party, while we were walking to the bus to go to church, Greta said in anticipation for her outdoor party, "Oh!  I got just what I wished for! I asked God for it to be not raining but not too sunny so the bees wouldn't be out!!!" It was so sweet.  We did indeed have the only dry day in a series of wet days, what a wish come true!!

A couple days ago Greta had her 5th birthday party at our neighbourhood park.  She told all her friends her party would be at "the hideout" which is at a small strip of dirt and grass and rocks with hedges next to the playground.  She and her neighbour friends play and hide there often, and I was really pleased when she started organizing her party herself! :-)  I always get a bit stressed planning this type of thing, so I was glad she took charge a bit and also really glad we weren't having it at our house!  
We borrowed a button making machine and had the kids all make "cutie mark" buttons based on the My Little Pony stories that our girls are really into.  (Credit goes to Matthew for this great idea!)

Lucy, Therese and Jonathan
My friend Aleksandra and her son Alexander, and Eric, Greta's long time friend, next to him.
Jonathan, who Greta really does look up to!  He's already in Kindergarten, a friend from church who we've also known since Greta was born.  The rest of the children she invited are neighbour friends.
Another game we played was Pin the Tail on the Pony...all the kids made Rainbow Dash tails (she's Greta's favourite pony) and Greta made a poster of her for the game. (On a related note, a few weeks ago Greta said to me "I keep telling God to let me have a dream where I go into the TV to meet Rainbow Dash or she comes out to meet me! Cause He HEARS you!"  What an idea! She seems aware that it can't REALLY happen, but she can DREAM about it!  :-)
Matthew spent some time talking to the kids about the pony characters and leading them in the "running of the leaves" (also from the Pony stories!).
It was so adorable...all the kids ran waving their pony tails to the pin the tail game...and just as I was trying to snap some pictures of them all running up this grass I accidentally pressed the "off" button on the camera!  So I only got a picture of Autumn and Benn running...
...and then Benn and Therese bringing up the rear :-)
Learning how to play the next game.
Aoife, Autumn, Greta, Eric, Lucy, Jonathan and Benn here
Greta went first and then each child got to pick the next one to go.

Finished!  It was a hit :-)
Now time for cupcakes and snacks!  The kids were HUNGRY!

Getting ready to blow out her candles!
I frosted these lemon cupcakes (her flavour request) with her 2 favourite colours...when she realized that ("...purple and green, hey mama you used my favourite colours!") she was so grateful, it was sweet :-)

After some eating and playing we moved over to the grassy area for present time!

Many of her friends made her sweet cards.

This wrapping paper from Benn and Eric (brothers) had handwritten/dictated messages like "I love you Greta" on it.

It was so cool that Greta got one of these strange candy-with-a-flower-fan things because every time we go into London Drugs she sees them and plays with them and it takes me awhile to convince her to put the thing down and come with me to the checkout lane!!

Her friend Autumn got her this book about mud and digging...her mom said Autumn was set on finding Greta a book about this subject since she knows how much Greta loves to play in the dirt! (recently my girls and Autumn had a "dirt party" at the park together...got TOTALLY messy!)
Liv, in the middle, came to the park towards the end of our party.  She is a little bit older than Greta and we nearly invited her to the party too, but tried to keep the guest list contained...so Greta was SOOOOOO happy to run into her and share a cupcake!

Liv's little sister is Margeaux, and she was born only a month or so after Therese, so her mom and I sort of met and bonded over that 3 years ago and have been friends ever since.
This neighbourhood is so great, the girls and myself have so many friends here, and especially now that it's getting warmer we just hang out at the park for hours on end (glad not to have to go to work)!  Moms/Dads give each other breaks to run errands or use the bathroom or whatever, there's talk of having some pizza and pot-luck dinners and barbecues altogether here soon, and the kids just run around together, get dirty, and do lots of exploring!  In fact today Greta was digging around in the dirt and found a worm, she held it, made a mud clump for it and took care of it awhile.  This was a big step for her, she's usually afraid of creatures like that!  Who says you don't get any nature in the city AND without a backyard??!

These two girls look so cute together :-)  So far the girls share all their friends, and Therese is a little bit more reserved and sort of "in her own world" some of the time!  She keeps up with the bigger kids, but also does her own thing a lot.  It's always nice to see her with someone of her own age, it doesn't happen much, but I have a feeling in the fall when Greta's in school Therese will be making some more friends at her level.  This little one will have a birthday soon too!!

It's strange to see Hosea, a little newborn, and think that it's been a whole 5 years since Greta was that small!  She is so full of life, so creative, imaginative, friendly, sensitive, intelligent and loving.

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