Saturday, March 29, 2014

Handsome Hosea At One Month

Of course I really can't belief it's been a month already!  Hosea is a sweet baby.  So cuddly.

It's now what is commonly called the 4th trimester of pregnancy: baby is out, but I'm usually carrying him still, and my body is slowly but surely recovering from pregnancy and childbirth...I still can't do the thing I'd most like to do, go for a run, but I'll get there!  Hosea always sleeps in this trusty baby carrier we've used for all 3 babies.  As number 3 I'm not taking the time or effort to "properly" shush him to sleep in his bed for awhile...he sleeps in this and we go out and about, or I make the girls lunch, or vacuum, or fold laundry etc...easier for everyone.  And at night he snuggles up with me in bed--I just sleepily wake up to feed him, while staying in my bed, and he (usually) peacefully dozes back to dreamland afterwards.  He's a pretty easy going and content little guy so far...just a bit gassy and trying to make peace with his bodily functions!!!
Squish face!
The other day Greta decided to give Hosea a "lesson" on "how to hold things"!  She and Therese gave him their little princesses to practice holding, and Greta would say "There we go, good job baby guy" as she coached and encouraged him.  Then she also tried to get him to hold things with his feet and try to juggle!!!  Afterwards she kept telling him how well he did in his lesson and how he must be tired after all that work!
Taking a rest during his lesson.

"What are they going to do to me next??"
Back to work!
Cuddling with Papa at the end of a long day last night.

These photos of Hosea and I were actually taken a week or so ago; he actually does look older now!!  Babies change so quickly!!

Hosea has a couple of you see mine in this photo?  I think he looks a lot like me right now actually! Sometimes when he's sleeping he does these cute little half smiles and his dimples really show.  So adorable.

These photos were taken a couple weeks ago when my mom and Shayne came for a visit.
The first time Hosea was made to dress a little bit like a girl in Greta's new headband...I'm sure many more times like this are to come!  Poor guy!
Headband party!

Mom loved holding him while he slept...he was soooooooo comfy cozy!!!

With Grandpa Shayne.

More peaceful snuggles with Nana Kaka.
Everyone in TT's bed a couple weeks ago...the perfect opportunity for another photo shoot!

He sure gets lots of love from his big sisters!!!  Therese calls him "the cutie pie", and they both also refer to him as "baby guy" (and now Papa is often called "the big guy"!)...often giving Hosea blankets or pillows or trying to get him to play with his toys. Greta has also learned a little bit how to help him get dressed.  When he fusses they ALWAYS start in with a rendition of "Hushabye, don't you cry, go to sleepy little baby..."  And, because I've commented as such on more than one occasion, now Greta often says after he's done fussing and is asleep "It sure is nice when that guy stops crying and goes to sleep!"  Yes, it is!
Fussy time happens in the late afternoon, and ALWAYS also seems to happen whenever I need to get all 3 children out the door!!!  It can get pretty intense around here.  But I am so thankful to have a husband around who helps out so much and neighbours I can count on seeing anytime I take the girls down the street to the park.  I sigh a breath of relief and feel sane again once I'm able to get out of the house and chat with other moms!!!

This little outfit is one of two items I picked out for Hosea when I had to exchange a baby gift for him.  I love it!

Remember these two crazy girls?  One night at dinner recently they were eating cucumber and Greta got the idea to put it on her eyes...she had seen this happen on a My Little Pony episode when the ponies got hoof-a-cures and went to the spa apparently!!!
Caught you!!!  There was a pony in Hosea's bed and I left the room for a few minutes only to see that he'd grabbed hold of the hair and had it close to him when I got back!!

Greta took a pottery class this winter and made these items.  She loved the class and is very proud of her work.

More evening cuddles with Papa.

A (dark) video of baby and Papa napping together.  I thought they looked and sounded so peaceful together I wanted to capture it.
And lastly, a not so peaceful video of our recent movie night!  Just to give you a taste of the antics around here...

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