Monday, March 24, 2014

Family of Five

Just as a starting point...some of these pictures are out of order.  Given my time constraints lately (and personality in general) I wanted to do this the easiest way possible, which also meant forfeiting the option to put these photos in their most perfect order!  I can't figure out how to do it after already putting them onto the site in this order, so please forgive me (I'm speaking to myself as well right now, as this actually really bothers me!)'s been a crazy 3.5 weeks!  Our little guy is very sweet, but I think he has a gassy tummy pretty often.  He wants to be carried/close to me at all times, pretty much.  Oh well.  Given that he's my third, I know how fast this time goes, and before I know it he'll be crawling, talking, making messes everywhere etc, so holding him close to me for a bit longer will have to be tolerated!  My back will get quite strong :-)

These pictures here on the couch are of the girls and baby shortly after we came home from the hospital.  Greta learned quickly how to give him "pinky time" (let him suck on her pinky to soothe him) and she is quite the little mother!  First thing every single morning the girls run into our room, usually Greta first, and find "baby guy" in our bed, assess whether or not he's awake, give him tons of kisses either way, and ooh and aah over him incessantly. They...well, especially Greta, cover him with kisses many times a day!!

Back at the hospital for these next few...getting his first bath with help from the nurse and papa.  Matthew is our designated newborn baby bather.  He's good at it.  I can barely watch because it always makes me so nervous--a wet, slippery, squirmy newborn baby!!

Hosea really did not like his first bath.  Also, he did not like his first few diaper changes.  He screamed his head off for these occasions.  Now, thankfully, he tolerates them both a bit better.  It's hard to get used to life on the outside!

Our first family photo with Hosea.  Wow, we looked tired and worn out.  We were! We ARE!
Upon our arrival home from the hospital, Nana Judy had the girls waiting in our apartment lobby, ready to greet us.  They were SOOOOOO excited to finally have baby brother home!!
Coming out of the car seat, getting acquainted with his home!

Family supervised diaper change!

The girls made him cards and put them on his chair for him to enjoy :-)  Greta's is on the bottom, and Therese's is on the top :-)
Having a nap in bed with mama, a couple days after coming home.  Squishy face!!!
Our nightly routine after we manage to get the girls in bed and tidy up is to sit in front of a show.  Hosea snuggles with Papa for the next few hours, only taking a break to eat.  I usually go to bed earlier, and the two of them stay up and bond.  He sleeps really easily in Matthew's lap!

Tummy time on the blanket Aunt Melissa made for Greta 5 years ago!

I love this photo.

So much love!
They smother him with affection.  As a friend of mine with a younger brother once said to me "They'll (Hosea's sisters) spoil him for all women!!"
Our first movie night with Hosea.  We watched Cinderella.  (On a side note, I had forgotten how great that movie is!)

A bath at home!

Not so into it here...
Or here...
A little better...
What's going to happen next???...

Chubby cheeks!

A late night snooze on the futon.

So little!  Even though he was born big, it's always so surprising how small newborns are!  And they're such little CREATURES...making strange noises and movements.
Greta helping Hosea calm down while I make dinner and the girls each get to choose a show to watch...keeps us relatively sane (usually I just have Hosea in the carrier for this, but on this occasion Greta wanted him in her lap!)

Not sure why this photo's in this bunch, but oh well!  Greta in one of her dress up outfits!  Our girls have such imaginations.  I am so grateful for how well they entertain themselves (even though it always leads to huge messes)...they really know how to have fun.
All 3 have worn this handmade sweater a friend from church gave us 5 years ago.  It had been made by her mother for her daughter, among many more sweaters, so she was more than willing to hand it down to us.

Napping on Papa again.

I can just hear his soft little sleep breathing when I look at this photo!

AND for the grand finale, absolutely out of order entirely--the girls meeting Hosea for the first time when he was about 4 hours old!!!  A very special moment :-)  They came in with Nana Kaka so excited and overwhelmed by the whole thing, finally realizing the baby was REAL and actually did come out!  BIG SISTERS!!!

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