Friday, February 7, 2014

Baby Showers

Therese had NO baby showers...poor girl :-(  But this little guy has had TWO!!  (Still not as many as the THREE Greta had!!!)
Anyway, last week Sarah at work asked me to come a little bit early to go over some paperwork...I did, arrived, she was in the office, I said I had to use the bathroom before our meeting and when I came back she was still awkwardly standing in the on the way to the bathroom I saw one of my students who is ALWAYS late, already on campus 30 minutes early!! when I saw Sarah again she was all smiles saying, "Megan!  Let's just go in here..." (into the classroom) and there everybody was, surprising me with love!  My students were there too, and had made up a baby shower song and were so proud to sing it (apparently they'd been practicing for the last little while!)
So up there I am, with Sarah my good friend at work, surprised and happy!
There was a 3-tiered cake of newborn diapers full of gift cards, plus a cake with baby boy bath toys on it.
I can barely stand looking at these pregnant pictures...I am so done with being pregnant!!!  I look so tired, so swollen, so humungous, so waddle-ey.  Tonight Therese expressed her frustration several times that little brother wasn't here yet! "I miss him!" she said :-)  3 more weeks!!!!!! Oh...and my workplace has been so helpful...I have only 1 more week of work, and this week and next week I just get to sit and do marking and help train my mat leave coverage.  So, so, so, so nice, because I am so, so, so, so tired.

Last weekend my neighborhood friends also threw me a baby shower: Andrea, Alexandra, Cameron, Sheri, Gina and Iris were all there.  I've know them all since I was pregnant with Therese, and over the years our kids have played together lots.  They have offered me childcare, rides places, is great to have a neighborhood community to rely on.  I can't wait till this little guy is born and I can show him off to my co-workers, my old students, and my neighborhood!  3 MORE WEEKS!!!

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